Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Michelle meets Steve's secret baby in next week's Corrie

Coronation Street is not quite ready to let us off the emotional rollercoaster after Michelle and Steve's baby son Ruari died.  In next week's Corrie, and heartbreaking it will be, we'll see Michelle meet Steve's secret baby after Leanne gives birth in a lift.

When Michelle goes to visit Leanne and her new baby, unware of course that the baby is Steve's, Steve's on egg shells back at the Rovers. He's terrified that Leanne will tell Michelle about the baby being his.

But Steve's forced together with Leanne and his new son when Gail insists on throwing a party in the Bistro to celebrate what she thinks is her new grandchild.  Of course, it's not Nick's and he's not best pleased when Leanne tells him she doesn't want his name on the birth certificate as the dad.

Jane Danson tells Inside Soap magazine: "Leanne's decision goes back to the fact that she was abandoned and lied to by her own mother, so she wants to begin on the right foot with baby Oliver. His father is around so if Nick is listedf as the dad, it's a big lie."

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Tvor said...

And of course Nick will ply on the guilt as per usual until Leanne again does what he wants. He's been doing that to her since the 90s when he insisted on her having an abortion. I see he's not changed. one bit.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't understand Leanne's reasoning as the lie has already been told. True, naming Nick as the father on the birth certificate makes the lie official but I don't believe Nick wouldn't have insisted on it from the start. I assume Leanne will leave that part of the birth certificate blank which would give Nick no parental rights. Unlikely storyline and designed only to push the couple apart as Ben Price is leaving.

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