Friday, 24 February 2017

First-look pics: Steve holds baby Oliver in Coronation Street

It’s a recipe for disaster in Nick’s Bistro tonight when Steve McDonald is left holding the baby.

Could this be the moment when the truth comes out about the real identity of baby Oliver’s dad, when Steve McDonald finds himself staring down into the face of his secret child?

Tonight’s episodes of Coronation Street see Steve and Michelle unwittingly caught up in a last minute party Gail throws at the bistro to welcome what she believes to be her new grandson Oliver into the world.

The McDonalds, still grieving the loss of their baby Ruairi, are forced to look on as the Platts wet the baby’s head and toast new parents Nick and Leanne.

When the time comes for a photo of the happy family group David asks Steve to do the honours and he takes the pic through gritted teeth whilst Michelle looks on. But the real danger comes when David asks Steve to hold baby Oliver.

Will coming face to face with his own flesh and blood for the first time be too much for Steve? Michelle is oblivious to what is going on in Steve’s mind as he looks down at the tiny bundle in his arms but Leanne can only stare in horror fearing the worst.

Tune in tonight at 7.30pm and 8,30pm on ITV to see if Steve is able to keep his promise and keep the truth to himself.

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Tvor said...

Too soon for it to come out, I think. I would imagine Steve can explain away any emotions as the timing being so soon after baby Ruairi died.

Maricha said...

I agree it's too soon but also Steve's lying even after holding the baby will just be that much more ammunition for Michelle's blow up when the truth comes out. I think that's also why they had Liz know. Michelle will just walk out of the Rover's and into Robert's place.

Lily Bigfield said...

It was too soon, and not having read any spoilers, it came as a bombshell to me too. Well done Corrie, for that. But in time-honoured, cliched fashion,the big reveal took place in front of everyone. Brilliant acting from Kym Marsh and Jane Danson. Stunning episode.

Tvor said...

Yep, did not see that one coming. kudos to ITV for not dragging it out

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