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Saturday 25 February 2017

Rita at 85: Your favourite moments?

Today marks a birthday milestone for Rita Tanner as she reaches her 85th birthday. Barbara Knox, who plays her, won't reach that milestone until September 2018.

Corrie will be mentioning Rita's birthday in Monday's episode where everyone seems to have forgotten it! I wonder if Emily has sent her a card from Peru?!

For 45 years Rita has starred in memorable storylines, shared classic scenes with classic characters, and has had her fair share of hairdos and clothes!! You can tell what year a photo or clip is from Rita's hair!! She's a character who has many threads and layers. From her romances to being a mother figure, from running the Kabin to singing, Rita is a classic soap character and one of the last true soap royalty still active on screen. 

So what better on a Saturday in February than share your Rita favourite moments/storylines with us on the blog.

My top five: Rita's slanging match with Bet in 1995; Rita confronting Alan Bradley in 1989; Rita running after Norris after he bought her flashing trainers after she broke her toe in Budapest in 2006; Rita in court in 2004; and Rita's version of A Winter's Tale in 2010.

What are yours? Happy birthday Reet!!

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Louby said...

Sending Dennis packing!

I can't think of one in particular, but over the years she has done a great job of putting people in their place. When arguing with a woman, calling them "lady" which from Rita sounds like the worst kind of insult!

Her little rows and bickering with Norris, and Mavis back in the day, have always been brilliant, and a big part of what has made Corrie so special.

Newfy Pearl said...

I loved the recent one where she supported Jenny and brought her back to the street. When it comes to the lies and backstabbing and intrigue of the regular residents I was glad when Rita refused to condemn the actions of a confused grieving woman.
Also Jenny and Sally are like daughters to Rita and she allows them wiggle room for their faults. Rita has a big heart, as can be seen by her taking Gemma under her wing.
Some see her as interfering....I do not. Rita is amazing. I would want her in my corner if I needed a friend on that street.

Flo said...

Rita is one of my favorite characters and picking a favorite is just impossible! But I do love the current storyline with her and Gemma, I'm hoping we get to see more of them together.

njblas said...

The slanging match she had with Bet when she returned briefly to the Street around 2002 or 2003 was equally as good as the 1995 one:)

Tyler said...

Her wedding to Dennis, slapping Tina after finding out about her and Peter, Rita singing 'A Winter's Tale'/Tram crash, getting marriage proposals from Fred, Norris and especially Colin Grimshaw, and the whole Alan Bradley saga.


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