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Sunday 19 February 2017

Collecting Coronation Street: Autographs

I've always found autographs to be quite unusual. I myself have a great deal of them, whether it be from soap stars to actors, presenters to journalists. But when you think of it - they're just little bits of card with a person's face on, scribbled over with their name. Certainly nothing exciting or fun – you can't even do much with them other than put them in an album or frame them.

Having said that though, autographs are a vital part of my Coronation Street Collection. If you didn't know already through following my Twitter or the Corrie Collection Twitter, I have an awful lot of Coronation Street memorabilia, and when it comes to autographs, I literally have hundreds of them! So much so that when they're arriving through the post each week I simply do not have the time to update them all onto my Collection website.

A number of the newer autographs in my collection. 
Now the biggest problem when collecting autographs is almost definitely the authenticity - especially when buying through online auction sites such as eBay. I'm always so wary when purchasing autographs that do not explicitly say whether they are authentic or printed. I see almost no value in a printed autograph, though sadly for older castcards a printed autograph is all that you can find. There are also a great deal of forgeries online, though unless you have a great deal of expertise in this there are no ways to avoid it. The only real way to know that you have the actor's autograph is by writing to them directly.

Since the show's inception, the offices at Granada and ITV have issued preprinted autograph cards at request. For some autograph collectors, the notion of receiving many cards in bulk (albeit printed) is thrilling, especially for collectors who can't stand to write to each individual cast member or wait time for them to receive and respond to their letter.

Classic castcards and letters in my collection. 
Personally, when obtaining autographs I prefer to write to the actors/actresses direct. I often find that you get a more personalised response. I once got a lovey letter from Sue Nicholls who plays Audrey thanking me for my letter and wishing me a Happy Christmas. If writing isn't your thing, there are literally hundreds of eBay auctions listing autographed cards individually, or as bundles.

If you'd like to write to the cast to get an autograph yourself, send your letter alongside a stamped self-addressed envelope to:

Actor's name
c/o ITV Coronation Street
Trafford Wharf Road
Greater Manchester
M17 1AU

Please allow some time for an actor to respond - always remember that their schedule is so hectic and given the popularity of our favourite show, tonnes of letters will come flooding through the gate at ITV each week.

This is just the first of my 'Collecting Coronation Street' blogs, please let me know what aspect of my collection you'd like to see me cover next.

Keep track on my Corrie Collection over at @CStCollection on Twitter, or follow me @MichaelAdamsUk

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Lee said...

I have a feeling the address should read WHARF road and not Whatf....

Please confirm.

And my apologies if I am incorrect.

MichaelAdamsUk said...

Hi TLC, indeed! Apologies for the typo. Have corrected this.

Tvor said...

Sounds like an impressive collection! I have the 40th anniversary book in which I have some autographs of actors when they've visited here in the past. I think I have one or two in my 50th anniversary book as well since it's a bit more up to date.

MichaelAdamsUk said...

It's certainly extensive Tvor! Struggling to find room to put it all!! Sounds cool - I've just bought a script signed by about 20 cast members and a Newton and Ridley tray signed by a number of them too.

Unknown said...

Where is best to get a signed script valued?

Unknown said...

Got a load of old cards
Even uncle Albert were is best place to sell !!!

Anonymous said...

I sent off for pre-prints just before the lockdown and understand why i didn't receive them then but i sent again two weeks ago and haven't received them. I try to meet the cast to get them signed in person so pre-prints don't bother me.


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