Monday, 2 January 2017

The cobbles without Mary? Unthinkable!

I can no longer imagine Weatherfield without Mary Taylor. As she and Norris sit in the outside space behind The Rovers Return, the pair are a little awkward together. Mary’s impending departure to South Africa, with her newly discovered son, Jude, is causing the difficulty between them.

‘I do love a firework display – very dramatic. A fitting backdrop to my Weatherfield departure,’ states Mary. She asks Norris if he’ll visit and assures him, over his worries about high temperatures, that the air-conditioning is very good. But, apparently, his sinuses wouldn’t allow such a trip.

When Jude arrives, Norris excuses himself and Jude makes it clear that he has no wish to pressurise his newly found mum, into doing something she doesn’t really want to do. To the viewer, her denial rings a little hollow. She tells him, ‘You’re not pressuring me. This is the start of a whole new chapter of my life.’

Time to go now and in The Rovers most of Mary’s friends are gathered and ready to wave Mary on her way. In the background, The Supremes are singing Where did our Love Go? Is this song significant? To whom does it relate? Or is it purely coincidental?

Hugging Norris, she tells him, ‘I’m just a phone call away.’

‘Right – bye everyone,’ says Mary.

Outside The Rovers Erica kicks off with, We’ll Meet Again, as others join in. The taxi leaves with a very upset looking Mary inside.

We then see Norris, sitting on his stairs, distraught. It seems he had under estimated the strength of his friendship with Mary, who has succeeded in making Norris a more likeable person.

And then – there is a loud hammering on Norris’s door. It is Mary. She couldn’t go through with it. ‘This is my home, everyone I love is here.’ She is back. Jude understands. And I, for one am mightily relieved.

As Rita said to Johnny, ‘Happiness is a slippery fish – grab it with both hands.’ There’s a lesson for all of us there.

Ruth, twitter: @Ruth1722

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Mary didn't leave - the cobbles just wouldn't be the same without her. Love her and the joy she brings with her quirky character.

Canadian watcher said...

It's not uncommon for characters to travel when the actor takes a vacation from the show - Liz & Steve to Spain, Kev to Germany, Carla to California, Michelle to Ireland....didn't Bet used to go to the Canary Islands?
Now Mary will have a place to visit when Patti needs a break.

Linda Shockley said...

I wonder if Mary has or will forgive Gemma for posting about her lost son on the internet, now that it has produced results?

Linda Shockley said...

Also, how does Mary know that the man claiming to be her son is telling the truth?

Ancient corrier said...

So glad Mary is staying, I was getting a bit worried there.
Will we ever hear/see anything of Jude again? Or was that it?

Anonymous said...

Who cares? It's happened. She's found her son. It's irrelevant now

Humpty Dumpty said...

It was such a quick storyline with the right people being in the right place at the right time. Forget about visas and jabs (unless I missed that episode), how does Patti even know she'll get on with her new-found family? As mentioned above, it must be about Patti Clare wanting an extended holiday soon and needing a plausible reason to be temporarily absent. I hope the change in Norris isn't temporary.

Linda Shockley said...

I didn't realize the first time I saw it, what an emotional scene it was when those people are singing "Last Christmas" while Norris is walking to Mary's house on his way to knock on her door, just how sad and confused he looks. Powerful scene.

Rossie said...

So glad she is staying! Did anyone else notice that Mary kept her shop apron on when she left for the "last" time? There was a clue there I think, that her heart wasn't really committed to leaving. I do hope Norris continues to show his better side, now he realises how precious Mary is to him.

Anonymous said...

I knew she wouldn't be leaving, I said as much days ago. Isn't Norris old enough to be her father?

Anonymous said...

She's just stepping into Emily's shoes IMO. I don't like her character a bit.

Tvor said...

I'm very glad she didn't leave. It's such a big leap to move to a different country and start a new life and you really have to be very sure you're doing the right thing. Of course you're going to miss your friends and family. I think If Mary had known Jude longer, or gone for a visit and returned, she could have made more of an informed decision instead of putting herself through this. Although it does seem like Jude is sincere and kind, it was a bit rash to invite her to move to South Africa straight away. It's no safer for him to have a stranger into his house than it is for her to leave with a stranger. Better this way. Get to know him using skype and visits. As someone else said, she's found her son and that was the main thing. I'm glad it seems to have worked out for her. And I'm glad she's staying.

Anonymous said...

A big leap, but sometimes, it is a good big leap, I have moved countries - strike that - continents; three times. And I love all of my adventures!

Anonymous said...

Mary was a traveller - but now she's finally settled on the most dangerous street in the whole world! Good luck to her :)

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