Sunday, 1 January 2017

My Corrie Awards and year in review

I like to keep track of things through the year on Corrie and make up a fun awards post. My awards are not generally the usual Best Actor/Actress etc. though there is a bit of that. Mine are a bit more fun, I think. I have also included a potted review of the major storylines and the storylines by house/family and have a small section on things I think might happen in 2017.

Have a look on State of the Street here. You will find out things like who were the most doomed couples, which storylines were something new that hadn't been done before, What were some surprising twists, and who won the John Stape trophe.

There were, of course, soap cliches with the "You could see that coming" awards including Leanne getting pregnant from a one night stand. There's a long list of Deja View (Vu) awards for repeat storylines such as Bethany getting a crush on her mother's boyfriend again.

Further on, there is a list of major storylines, and a 2017 speculation list, some of which is pretty much a given (Robert and Michelle, anyone?) and some are just things I'd like to see like Fiz and Tyrone getting married.

Lastly, by the family/house, you can read a quick list of some of the things that happened for each group living or associated with that family or address. I make notes through the year so I don't forget and make up new awards or get rid of old ones that don't apply. It's all in fun and something I like to do each year. I hope it amuses you!

Diane, twitter: @tvordlj

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abbyk said...

Love your awards. I'd add a few:
- to mismatched couples, Todd and Billy. The only thing they have in common is being gay. (PS, add in unpleasant and you have Sophie and Kate.)

Best Personality Transplant: Peter. That cool suave thing is yummy.

Unexpected Bonus: Peter and Daniel. Loving this brotherly love thing.

Wierdest Pairing that Works: Tracy and Mary. I didn't think either of these characters were redeemable but the florists proved me wrong.

Things Corrie Still Does Very Badly: A Tie
-- Bad exit stories for fan favorites. You don't have to make up a contrived, OTT plot to make fans hate a once loved character because the actor wants to leave. They did it with Tina, Becky, Liam, Dennis, Marcus and now Carla and maybe Andy. Sometimes people just move away. You don't have to make them so horrible that we simply can't wait for them to get into a cab.
-- Follow through: This year we had a great setup putting Sean in as Norris' lodger and then never got to see behind the curtains. In the past there was Dennis' return and marriage to Rita, Marcus and Maria as couple even though he is gay (I think they came to the Rovers twice, spent the rest of the relationship in the cupboard). All of these had issues and good character stories to explore that were ignored. Le sigh.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I love the new Peter, too, but It's a trick. He will slip back at some point when the writers run out of ideas.

Abercrombie said...

I have loved Peter of late with the cool,rational and quick witted personality, but I see Humpty you have foreseen the return to default.
I was so disappointed in him in last night's episode. Going along with Adam's idiotic scam and then promising Simon all manner of things to best Nick's holiday plans. Bah! Where was the sensible head there? So, so disappointing and ridiculous.