Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Wet Blanket

Poor Daniel.  His first time with a lady and it's a swift bunk up after hours in the stock room of a knicker factory.  It's not exactly romantic, is it?  Not exactly conducive to unbridled pleasure, naked up against a box of size 14 hip thongs, trying not to topple over onto a stack of knackered sewing machines and a mop.  You don't get that in Fifty Shades of Grey.

And worse, he's experiencing his first shared orgasm with Sinead.  What exactly is the point of Sinead?  I've been wondering it for weeks.  She mopes around the street, downtrodden, whinging, complaining that she's hard done by.  I can't see why Daniel is suddenly swept off his feet by her personality and charm; she's like Droopy with a pony tail.

She was far more interesting when she arrived, quirky and distinctive, Beth's sensible niece.  She made her own soaps, she went to craft fairs, she was teetotal.  That's a personality.  It was a refreshing change to have a young woman in the show who wasn't a vamp, or a bimbo, or a thief.  She was a nice, ordinary girl, happy with herself and her place in the world.

It was easy to see why Chesney would be drawn to her.  He has, and this is often glossed over by the show, had a terrible childhood.  In and out of foster homes, only around his mother when she could use him to scrounge some cash, regularly separated from his sister Fiz.  Things got so bad that he looked up to Les Battersby as a father figure and role model.

It's not surprising, therefore, that Chesney likes comfortable, homely, family life.  Katie wanted a baby and a boyfriend and a nice quiet existence.  That's all Chesney wants.  Unfortunately she got bored and left; the fact that she was tempted away by the absolutely awful Ryan (v.2.0) should tell you just how desperate to leave she really was.  Chesney thought he would have better luck with Sinead: a nice bit of normality, a settled, comfortable existence with a down-to-earth girl.  But apparently she got bored too, though it seems to have come out of nowhere.  Apparently life with Chesney is just such a drain on her, but then everything is a drain on Sinead, because she lets everything be a drain on her.

She is an incredibly passive character.  When she broke her back in the bus crash in 2015, I was surprised they could even find a spine. Sinead whines that she wants more but doesn't do anything about it. She was virtually forced into a second career as a model, moaning about how difficult it was, dropping it as soon as possible.  Poor Raquel Wolstenhulme spent six years on the show desperately trying to be a model; she'd have killed to be the face and body of an underwear line, but apparently it was all just too much effort for Sinead.  Similarly, she worked as a junior in Alya's plan for high fashion underwear, then acted all hurt when Alya took it to the next level.  Alya (a trained fashion graduate and junior management) came up with the plan and the designs, invested £14,000 in the scheme and became a partner; Sinead's contribution was to roll her eyes, say "that bra's a bit over the top" and stitch a prototype, but for some reason, she expected a cut of the profits.

She can't even get up the effort to dump Chesney.  Sleeping on the sofa, talking vaguely to Kirk and Fizz about how she likes Chesney but she's not sure if she loves Chesney, now telling some bloke she's unattached before she even tells the boyfriend.  She managed to complain about not making her soaps any more in last night's episode, yet somehow this was Chesney's fault, because she can't take responsibility for anything.  Sinead is hoping that if she acts passive aggressive around him long enough he'll take the hint and end the relationship.  Then no doubt she'll complain that he took the decision away from her.

Now, if the rumours are to be believed, she's going to get pregnant and consider an abortion.  The baby will be going to school before she finally makes a decision on whether to have a termination or not.  Chesney's too good for her, Daniel's too good for her; at this moment in time, even the hateful ball of unpalatable spite and bile that is Adam Barlow is too good for her.  Maybe some time on her own would give Sinead a bit of backbone, but until then, I'll continue to reach for the vodka every time her mithering fills my screen.

Scott Willison (@merseytart)

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Anonymous said...

Really really really disliking Sinead - that gormless face (exactly as shown in the last picture), I can't believe Daniel would be remotely interested in her apart from wanting a quick shag.

And I am now disliking Daniel by association. I thought he had a lot more about him than this.

Anonymous said...

The way she speaks - urgh!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Scott. The sooner they write her out, the better.

Anonymous said...

She's not that bad. The writers just don't know what to do with her character so another break-up with Chesney fits the bill. Lazy writing IMO.

Maricha said...

This was a great character analysis.
Thank-you, Scott.
When I first saw spoilers stating that Sinead was leaving Chesney for Daniel I was disappointed because I remembered the sweet,quirky girl she was early on. She was so sensible compared to Katy, that even after her injury, I hoped she and Chesney would get Joseph away from that flake.
Then I thought of all the points you've brought up and I'm happy she's moving on. Unless she reverts to how she originally was or greatly evolves, she'll become Daniel's millstone instead of Cheney's.
I keep reading comments about what a bore Chesney has become and while I agree that he's not a party animal, I'm not sure why that should be held against him. If anything, there are far too many people on Corrie who don't take things seriously no matter who they hurt. We don't need to see more guys so self-indulgent that they'd do things like come on to their surrogate or embezzle from company accounts.
I wish the younger characters realized that their lack of training or education is keeping them down but the solution to their boring routine isn't latching on to the next new arrival, it's pursuing their dreams.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where is Fiz's and Kirk's loyalty to Chesney?
Sinead is seeing Daniel while still living at the Battersbys-Browns and neither of them see anything wrong with this and are more sympathetic to her 'Woe is me' whinings than the fact Chesney is hurt?
I am getting tired of male characters always portrayed as the bad guy when a relationship ends even when it's the female's fault.

Anonymous said...

Steady on Scott! We're not used to words like orgasm being connected to Corrie!

Maricha said...

Just you wait. As usual Fizz won't have a clue about anything until it comes out that Sinead is pregnant by Daniel and then she'll cause a scene no one needs instead of thanking her lucky stars it isn't Chesney's problem.

Anonymous said...

I loved the quirky, creative, crafty Sinead and always felt like Chesney kind of frowned that aspect of her personality out of her. She certainly could have sold her bath bombs, candles, soaps etc. on the market or online and had her own little sideline going. In a strange way I'd actually like to see Chesney and Gemma paired off (even though I kind of loathe him and his negativity) if only to see how he acts with someone he cannot damp down.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think it is sad considering that Chesney did not fight Katie taking his son away because he needed more time to look after Sinead after the crash.
But let's face it....the writers make Ches boring. I think he needs someone like Gemma to spice up his life....but alas he may make her bored of him or worse yet boring like him. lol Oh you silly writers.

abbyk said...

In Sinead's defense, I believe some of the underwear original designs were hers and that, in my foggy brain, she was led to think there would be some type of parity or partnership between her and Alya.

I would never expect anyone to be the same at 25ish as they were as a teen. Sinead's new personality is no biggie. (Chesney, for the well noted points, may be the exception. I do wish he would take up a hobby or sport and expand himself. Maybe go running with Nick.) Neither Sinead nor Daniel had a brilliant upbringings, either, so not surprised if the whole thing is a bit weird for a while. They're both quirky and bright in odd areas and I'm liking them together for now.

Gale said...

Chesney is a wimp who never listened to her. If she wanted to go out he would winge. If she gave him a fact, he would doubt. No wonder she started looking for anything with a detectable pulse.

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