Saturday, 4 February 2017

Super siblings on Coronation Street

Last night on Coronation Street, there was a very short scene in Audrey's hair salon between David and Sarah Platt.  I commented to the other end of the sofa that these two characters are, and have always been, highly believable as brother and sister in our favourite soap. 

And this set me thinking about other sets of on-screen siblings which are believable - and those, perhaps, which aren't.

The siblings that work for me are...

Chesney and Fiz, not least because of their red hair which makes them look similar.  They share an empathy, they look out for each other and that in part, comes from having been neglected by their mother Cilla. Surely it's time for Chesney to let Fiz know what's been going on between him and Sinead and for Fiz to offer some support?

Leanne and Toyah, although not blood-related, are completely on the button as sisters. These two will always work better as sisters than Leanne and Eva will, for me.

And annoying as they both are, Rosie and Sophie work well together too. I'm looking forward to their return a great deal.
Twins Steve and Andy McDonald were always good together. Although they are twins, they were very different young men. I'd love to see Andy back on the show and even if actor Nicholas Cochrane has no plans to return to acting, ITV could always bring in a replacement actor. It's about time we had a twin on the show again.
Which sets of soap siblings really work for you?

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Emma Hynes said...

I loved Luke and Steph, they were so believable as brother and sister. It's a shame their pairing had to end with the departure of Tisha Merry.

Anonymous said...

Todd and Jason Grimshaw. Shared some lovely scenes when they weren't (very believably) bickering. The actors actually look like they could be stepbrothers too.

Maricha said...

Peter and Tracy and though there hasn't been much of them yet, Peter and Daniel .
They were sisters because of marrying Connor men but Michelle and Carla were great together.

Tvor said...

Nick and David have evolved into a very good big/little brother set as well.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd and steve? a great bromance - or kev and tim? steve and tim? tim and anyone?

Maricha said...

Yes, I'll miss that when Nick goes and David has to deal with Sarah on his own.

abbyk said...

I agree with Maricha about Peter and his sibs (I like everything about Peter since his return except his pairing with Toyah.) I also like how Maria and Kirk always support each other even though they don't always seem very close. And David is at his best when he's with Nick -- oh I hope he gets recast instead of killed off, the Platt family dynamic is good but needs that big brother role filled.

Anonymous said...

I'm not impressed with Kate Oates at all. It's lost its ability to use light and shade plus the scenes are all plot driven and lacking character based things anymore. It seems more aimed at casual viewers. Some people might like it, but it does nothing for me. I also don't like the decision to split Roy and Cathy I think the show has no heart under this producer.

Laura said...

I was also going to mention Maria and Kirk and Todd and Jason as being believable siblings. I also like Eva and Leanne's relationship, much better than her relationship with Toyah at the moment. Hopefully that improves.

I don't find Kate and Aiden very convincing as siblings, but that may be due more to the fact that we don't see them interact all that much.

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