Saturday, 4 February 2017

Three things Coronation Street needs in 2017

Coronation Street's on a roll at the moment. Under producer Kate Oates. the action comes thick and fast, if not at the expense of some detail, but I'm hoping that will settle down soon. We've got new characters coming in like Shona and old characters returning such as Daniel, Adam, Toyah and Rosie.

So far, so good.

But there are three more additions that could make Coronation Street even better than it is.

1. The Battleaxe.  I've said it before and I'll say it again. Any soap worth its salt needs a battleaxe. Bring back Roy's mum. Actor Stephanie Cole is currently on telly every Sunday night in Still Open All Hours playing the role of the Black Widow to perfection.  Please bring her back to Corrie. But if not Roy's mum, then we need another of her ilk. Time for Mary's mum to arrive, perhaps? Speaking of which, where is Mary these days?

2.  We need a sex-pot, a siren, and if that means bringing back Carla Connor then so be it. But it's a role that needs to be filled and a soap can only limp along for so long without her.

3. A new man for Liz.  Liz McDonald behind the bar of the Rovers without a man on her arm and in her bed is like, well, it's like a hot without a pot, Newton without the Ridley, vodka without the tonic. Well, you get my drift.  Liz has been coasting for too long on her own. We need to shake things up in the Rovers just a bit and surely it's time to bring in some lovin' for Liz.

Which characters would you bring in to shake up Corrie a bit?

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Jack Downey said...

I would love to see Sylwia back on the street and having Alison King back as sexy Carla would be fantastic. I want to see Carla have a fight with Toyah over Peter. Carla needs to come back and be a real bitch and steal Nick of Leanne before he leaves. I want Liz to have a new guy , who is decent and also a rouge like Tony was. I don't want to see Jim back for her though as that would be boring and predictable. Please Kate Oates work your magic on Corrie for 2017 !! We want some more returns lol

Maricha said...

I agree FN but Roy's mom wasn't enough of a busybody to be a good battleaxe. Mary's mother sounds more like it. Anna was also headed in that direction before her accident. Rather young for it but why not.
I really miss Carla especially with Peter and Toyah acting like the spark is gone instead of madly in love. She's also the only one who could cheer Michelle up after this miscarriage. Robert is too dark and brooding to do that for long.
It would have made more sense to have Johnny with Liz than Jenny who'll be going off the deep end any minute perhaps one of his clients could drop by the Rovers.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that Corrie needs in 2017 is for Phelan to finally get his comeuppance and leave as his storyline has dragged on way too long!

Anonymous said...

.......agree Anon 17:04, and please can he take Eileen with him. Way past her sell by date.

Jack Downey said...

what I want for Corrie in 2017 is
Put Liz together Johnny , blow the corner shop up and add new sets in
Axe - Izzy , Erica , Dev , and Alex.
Returns - Janice , Carla and Jason.
New couples - Robert and Michelle , Chesney and Gemma , Brian and Cathy �� , Sinead and Daniel and Aidan and Maria.

Rapunzel said...

I can't see any point in putting Brian and Cathy together. She's not quirky enough and would dampen his comic qualities. They'd also be likely to disappear as neither are central characters.

No, Mary is the one for Brian. I reckon those two would sizzle if paired together. Like Julie and Brian only more realistic (Julie was way too glam for me to be convinced by that pairing).

Rapunzel said...

I totally agree about the battle axe and siren but would add to the latter that (in keeping with Tony Warren's original template) she needs to be 30/40 Ish - still with enough sex appeal to attract the men, but vulnerable to the aging process robbing her of that power. Carla was deservedly described as a modern-day Elsie Tanner. I don't see anyone currently on the Street who could step into that role. so bring Carla back, I say.

As for the battle axe, Deirdre could have fulfilled that role over time (playing out her Mother's script) but Anne Kirbride's sad passing ended that possibility. That could still be a natural progression for Tracey if Kate Ford is in it for the long haul. It would be particularly good if she very gradually becoming more moralistic in her older age.

But that doesn't solve the current hiatus. If, after the Phelan storyline ends, they want to reposition Eileen's character, that might be a role for her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The battle axe was always the moral guardian of the Street. Maybe we're too modern for one of those but the battle axe should be concerned for the welfare of the community. Sylvia was only concerned with Roy, and Anna was wrapped up in her own family. Yasmeen could become a genteel battle axe which might be interesting. If not Yasmeen, I would love to see Janice come back and sort out the three sisters (to include Eva who needs a 'mum'). Once she's done that, a new improved Janice could start marking people's cards if they step out of line.

The sex siren only works when everyone else is keeping their clothes on. Doesn't apply to the bed-hopping residents of Coronation Street. Elsie used to enrage her neighbours whereas Carla and others simply made people raise an eyebrow - unless they were directly involved.

Liz has been on her own long enough. If she has a new man, he has to be for keeps. The Rovers needs a permanent couple behind the bar and it's not going to be Steve & Michelle for much longer. I'd like to see a slow burn love story there,a friendship that turns to passion.

Anonymous said...

I think what bothers me about the show these days is that they've tried to use the wrong characters to fill the roles you've described. Amy Barlow as the Battle Axe - others love her, I think she needs a spanking. Maria, Leanne and/or Michelle as the siren - a mouse and two married/pregnant ladies... this is just not right. And as for the sexy, matron. landlady... Liz is well past it. I'd like to see her leave for an adventure that focuses on her own happiness and open the door to someone new.

I enjoy the idea of Mary's mum appearing on the Street to take up the Battle Axe. Particularly if you pair Mary and Brian, a whole world of drama (and maybe even comedy) there.

While I liked Carla, I think bringing her back would be a mistake. She's moved beyond life running a panty faktry. I'd rather see what remains of her family turn the business into something more modern (and believable), even if Alya and Sinead keep their side designing business. If they can't diversify, I'd like to see the back of the Connors.

I really don't care for Chesney's character but I think he'd be far better off with Gemma. Probably no mistake she closely resembles his mother Cilla and might bring him out of his shell/encourage him to live a little.

Anonymous said...

For Liz - if not Johnny (and I thought they were a good match), then how about bringing back the Grandad of that school-mate of Amy's?

abbyk said...

When he first arrived, Johnny and Liz did hit it off. I think that could have gone somewhere. I like Jenny but other than her eyes lighting up at the thought of his wallet, the pair doesn't do much for me. Liz and Johnny are both in charge and 'of a certain age', better suited than Jenny the subordinate.

Joseph Billington said...

Bring back Becky and Sylvia! Also I'd love to see Carla return later on in the year!

Anonymous said...

It's on a roll alright- right off the tracks.

Ancient corrier said...

To have a battleaxe you have to have interaction with the residents of the street, that doesn't happen anymore. It's all about the plots now and not the characters. They all live in little bubbles and only come together if they are part of the ( now compulsory explosive ) storyline, characters are changed and family members and old friends ignored. There are just too many cast members to keep everyone involved with each other.
There's no idle chat in the pub, no gossip in the corner shop, even Norris doesn't stick his oar in anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ancient Corrier - you are exactly right. All that we know about our beloved characters, can no longer be relied on. We have no idea how any of them will react or interact. Corrie is at al all-time low for me; it's a struggle to stick with it. I keep hoping it will get better. I don't want to give it up, it's been in the family so long, it's like an heirloom haha. But I just might be the last generation of Corrie Viewers in my family line.

Linda Shockley said...

I just downloaded a bunch of Still Open All Hours & love Stephanie Coles. If she were to come back, I'm sure Roy's Mum would be a priceless addition!

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