Monday, 6 February 2017

First-look pics: Rosie and Sophie quizzed by cops

These two photos are a sneak preview from tonight's second episode of Coronation Street. They show Rosie and Sophie Webster being interviewed by detectives after the police arrived with a search warrant at number 13 at the end of the 7.30pm episode.

The police had received a tip off that there were drugs in the house and found a suspicious white powder in Rosie's suitcase.

Have Rosie and Sophie unwittingly got caught up in drug smuggling? 
Tune in at 8.30pm to find out more.

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Anonymous said...

Well of course....because an international airport like Heathrow or wherever, wouldn't possibly have the technology to suss out drugs coming from the US across international would have to be a call to an anonymous tip line to check the bag at home???? Puhleez!!!!

Maricha said...

My thoughts exactly. Why wait until you have an entire house plus the car they got home in to search to find drugs when you could have searched the girls and their luggage within minutes at the airport?
Besides, I can see how a mere phone tip could get you extra scrutiny at the airport where you're forced to submit or you'll get sent back but I don't think the police would get a warrant to search you once you were in town with such a flimsy pretext.