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Monday, 6 February 2017

Seb to Pick a Pocket or Two?

In this life, one thing counts, in the bank, large amounts - where Phelan's concerned at least. No stranger to a scam, and a relentless opportunist, has one of the greatest villains ever to con the cobbles set his sights on an apprentice?

Another man may have agreed with Eileen, and called the police after catching Seb in the act of stealing his drill, but not Phelan who would appear to have other plans.

Seb arrived on the street as boyfriend to Faye Windass, and he isn't exactly a nice individual from what we've seen so far. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the ever astute Phelan, who even remarked that a lad like him could go either way depending on the company he keeps.

It strikes me that Pat sees him as ripe for manipulation, and that he plans on being the man to do it. Could Seb be the Artful Dodger to Phelan's Fagin?  I love the idea of this, and with Harry Visinoni already proving himself well capable of playing a conniving individual, charming enough to pull the wool over others' eyes, and Connor McIntyre continuing to put in the brilliant performances we're accustomed to, I can see plenty of potential here.

A man's got a heart, hasn't he? Joking apart, hasn't he? Who knows! But I feel Seb may get used to considering himself a friend - as long as Pat needs him, that is.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes
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Anonymous said...

Excellent comparison with Dickens. Not sure how this will end but Phelan has to get caught soon I hope.....

Anonymous said...

And hopefully gullible Eileen will find out how far off the mark she is. Dozy woman honestly thinks Phelan is a good man. LOL!

C in Canada said...

Yes, please just make this end. Enough.

No one is missing Andy? No family coming looking for him?

Anonymous said...

Find this new plot with Seb just a little too sinister for a soap, especially with the violent demise/disappearance of Andy just a few weeks ago and Nathan seducing Bethany. There are liars, cheats, and murderers--all regular coronation street fare, then there are the psychopathic manipulators and murderers who are truly scary, and fortunately, very rare. Two of them at once, Phelan and Nathan,--and both preying on vulnerable children--is taking the narrative out of soapland and into crime thriller. Too dark and unsettling for me. Jeanie

Maricha said...

Did Andy have any family? Other than Steph, who thinks he was OK with her leaving alone, I don't know of anyone on the street or anywhere else who would be concerned about his disappearance.

Anonymous said...

How many times can you recycle the Phelan manipulates a weaker character scenario? Obviously a lot!!

Catsmom said...

Oh, come on! For the third time they're trotting out the Phelan-uses-blackmail trick to make someone else do his nefarious bidding? This has gotten old!

Emma Hynes said...

Thank you Anon 07/02 @ 8:33. We can only wait and see how things unfold. I, for one, am rapt.


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