Thursday, 9 February 2017

Adam & Todd - The New Dynamic Duo

Who'd have thought it? Adam Barlow and Todd Grimshaw working together. Whoever came up with the idea to open Black Sheep Solicitors deserves a medal.

Last week, viewers saw Adam and Todd put their minds together and formulate a plan to open their own law firm. Adam revealed that he was retaking his exams which prompted Todd to remind us that he too was training to become a solicitor when he lived in London. After more drinks were consumed, words started to become quite unpleasant when a rather angry and slightly drunk Adam confided in Todd about Ken's supposed punishment for being the son of Mike Baldwin.

Long standing audience members will remember the unforgettable feud between Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin, sparking of course, when it was revealed that Mike and Deirdre were having an affair. Adam is the son of Baldwin and Susan Barlow, who was Ken's daughter, thus his connection to the Barlows.

Everyone knows that Todd isn't whiter than white and his involvement in this law firm could be quite similar to his behaviour at the builder's yard. Working with Tony, Todd scammed customers and overcharged them. However, this almost cost Jason his business when Todd cut corners on Tyrone Dobbs' loft conversion. Will he have learned from these mistakes or just use his bad experiences to not get found out?

Ever since Adam's return, we've also seen him taking part in dodgy dealings. Let us not forget the lies he told to convince everyone his flashy rental car had been stolen when in actual fact he'd sold it on and kept the cash for himself. In addition, we know that Adam will soon get wrapped up in Sophie and Rosie Webster's drugs predicament.

But what exactly was that look Todd gave Adam after he declared that Ken can "go to hell"?

I see this as a look of compassion and here's why. From what we've seen so far, Adam is an incredibly bitter character with revenge being the only thing on his mind. Sound familiar? This was the definition of Todd a couple of years ago following his violent attack which left him with his permanent facial scar. He became so obsessed with revenge that he lost his entire family and any friends that he'd started to make (apart from Tracy). Once he was welcomed back into the Grimshaw family, he reminded Jason time and time again that revenge really isn't worth it. After Adam's short outburst in the Rovers, I think that Todd recognised that part of himself within Adam.

Therefore, if this law firm goes ahead (which I sincerely hope it does) I would like to see Todd's softer side emerge again and take Adam under his wing, to show him that the world isn't out to get him. Although, I also hope that Todd isn't as good as gold because that's part of what gives him his edge. I can see a budding friendship appear with the foundations that have already been laid out and I am optimistic that Corrie will continue to develop this.

Written by Sophie Williams

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Corn Flake said...

Ok so... "Susan Barlow, who WAS Ken's daughter, thus his connection to the Barlows". What does that mean? "Was". Who is she and why is she no longer a daughter of Ken? >.<

Maricha said...

Susan was Peter's twin sister. She married Mike Baldwin but they had a stormy relationship and she took off while pregnant with Adam and didn't tell her father (Ken) or ex (Mike) about it. A few years later she came back and Ken and Mike realized they were now related through Adam. Mike was furious with Susan for not telling him she had a child but she still didn't want him involved with their son and died in a car accident while running away with Adam.That's why she's spoken of in the past tense.
Mike then got custody of Adam who went to boarding school in Scotland at some point and, apparently law school, too. When Mike died, despite some interference from Leanne and his brother Danny he inherited most of Underworld and quickly sold it to the Connors.

Anonymous said...

she's dead

Anonymous said...

She's dead, Jim.

Anonymous said...

I hope Todd doesn't become all sunshine and light. I really like him with an edge.

Humpty Dumpty said...

A law firm needs clients. The question is whether any of the Street's residents would engage two young guys who lived down the road. It would mean telling these neighbours your most private business. Answer: Of course they would. Corrie residents don't step further than the end of the road. New firm should do well.

Maricha said...

It also might attract people from all over town depending on what type of work they decide to specialize in.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think the pairing of Adam and Todd will be interesting. Todd has softened a bit though despite his dealings with Phelan and the flat scam. Did you notice his expression when Adam said Ken could rot in hell!

Canadian watcher said...

I like the idea of having a local law firm that can go toe-to-toe with all those police officers who love to arrest innocent people! However, Adam needs to lose the sleaze and become more like his father - smarter than his opponents, and staying on the right side of the law while skating as close to the edge as possible.

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