Thursday, 9 February 2017

New Blogger!

Hi! My name's Sophie and I have just joined Coronation Street Blog as a regular blogger. I have contributed to this blog twice before as a guest blogger; writing about Todd and Billy (which you can read here) and newcomer Shona (you can read here).

Having almost finished my A Levels, I will be studying a Journalism degree in September 2017. I've wanted to become a Journalist for about four years now and I am particularly interested in writing about television shows. My main passion within writing lies with the joy I get from sharing my opinions with others, as well as finding out new information and listening to what others have to say about a certain topic.

Coronation Street has always been a favourite of mine and I haven't missed an episode since 2013 when I began watching it properly. I have a genuine interest in all the characters and their backstories (although I may be a little bit biased towards the Grimshaw clan!) and the history of the show.

Always one searching for more, I have followed this blog for a while now and am really thrilled to be able to contribute. I really hope you enjoy reading my articles!
You can find my personal Twitter account at @sophie_jw26

Written by Sophie Williams

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Stevie Dawson said...

Welcome! Happy blogging! Stevie

Maricha said...

Hi and Happy Blogging! Your two posts were very good, by the way :D

Anonymous said...

Delighted to have you on board, Sophie. I am particularly pleased because you have such an accurate grasp of the English language. I look forward to all your future posts.

Llifon said...

Welcome to the team Sophie! I guarantee you'll enjoy contributing! :)

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