Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 1 Feb

Wednesday 1st February
CAN TOYAH GIVE UP HER DREAMS FOR PETER? Stunned to find out Toyah has kept her IVF attempts a secret from him Peter wonders what other lies she has told him and storms off to go on a taxi run. When his glamorous customer Chloe invites him into the hotel for a drink Peter accepts - has he gone back to his old ways? When Tim lets slip where Peter has been Toyah sees red. Toyah tracks Peter down to the flat and tears into him, convinced he slept with Chloe. Peter accuses Toyah of using him when all she really wants is a baby. Telling him it’s over, Toyah storms out leaving Peter stunned. Back at the Bistro, Nick secretly shows Toyah the engagement ring he’s bought for Leanne.
KEVIN KEEPS SALLY’S INTERVENTION FROM ANNA An uneasy Anna asks Adam his advice about how to make a personal injury claim and is uncomfortable about his suggestions that she would have to photograph her injuries - will she go ahead with the claim? Meanwhile Kevin gets an unexpected offer of help. When Kevin confides in Sally that he’s got himself into financial straits, Sally insists she’ll give him £7k towards Sophie’s medical bill. Kevin’s grateful. Later, determined to do what she can to help, Anna tells Kevin she’s changed her mind and is willing to pursue a claim against David Platt unaware of Sally’s offer which Kevin keeps to himself.
AMBITIOUS JENNY HAS A BUSINESS IDEA Jenny chats to Sally about her cancer check-up. When Sally mentions mastectomy bras, Jenny has a brainwave.
ELSEWHERE Ken calls the Barlows together and announces that he’s going ahead with his DNR instruction and that with Adam’s help, he’s sorted out a new will.

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Anonymous said...

Highly unlikely that a female taxi passenger would be that sociable with some unknown, random taxi driver. Not in this day and age.

Christine K said...

Peter was so infuriating in the last scene with Toyah, I would have kicked his chair over with him in it.

Anonymous said...

Agree...totally unbelievable that any woman in this day and age would invite a random guy for coffee... Especially someone as unremarkable as Peter.

Maricha said...

Having coffee at a hotel, with all the guests and employees around, isn't such a big deal. It's pretty much the same as talking to him in his cab which is something most people do. They seem to be in a hotel lounge not her suite.

Rossie said...

Zero chemistry between Toyah and Peter. The scenes last night seemed very forced, intense but not in a good way.
I think she should have kept her embryos and gone back to her husband. Although he turned nasty at the end when she turned him down, the husband seemed a better bet than Peter.
What is it about bad guys that makes some women fall for them?

Maricha said...

My theory is that women who fall for bad guys don't really want to be in a long-term relationship but this way they get to blame someone else for things not lasting.
This Toyah situation is a perfect example; deep down she probably wants neither her ex nor children but Peter will be the one she blames for not having either in the future.

Rossie said...

Great insight Maricha. She doesn't convince me when she goes on about wanting a baby. If she really wanted children, surely she would dump Peter and go back to her husband. What woman would choose a man over a child?

Maricha said...

Especially a man as unreliable as Peter. Another post mentioned that she signed away her embryos which, at her age, is madness unless she just doesn't want kids. If the clinic is calling about their expiry, they were created years ago and would be less likely to have defects than any she'd create now.

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