Thursday, 2 February 2017

Coronation Street and Shona's secret

What's going on with Shona?  Well, in this week's Inside Soap magazine they preview next week's Corrie and say that there'll be a bit of a moment between her and David.

It starts when Shona finds a teddy bear that someone's left at Roy's Rolls. She chucks it in the bin but then David turns up asking if anyone has found the bear, as it's Lily's and she's missing her favourite toy.  Shona digs the toy out of the rubbish bin and gives to David.  He returns to Roy's Rolls with a thankyou card from Lily and Shona is overcome with emotion at the sight of it. 

David also starts asking questions about Shona and quizzes Billy about her.

I wonder if this might be the start of a new relationship for David, or a friendship at the very least?

Shona is played by actor Julia Goulding and you can find out more about her here.

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Tvor said...

The other night, Gemma thought she recognized Shona. I wonder if Shona knew Kylie and Gemma back in the day or if she's related to them, perhaps another sister to Kylie and Becky?

Maricha said...

A relationship with Kylie would make more sense than her just ending up on the street after randomly stealing David's wallet.

C in Canada said...

Sounds like Shona's got a past with Kylie somehow.
It would explain why she was looking at Kylie's picture in David's wallet with such interest.

Anonymous said...

Way too soon for David to begin another relationship. Can't anyone be single for 5 minutes?

Aussie Pete said...

Turning out to be a relative or old friend of Kylie's would be great. However... have her be a confidante of David and an Aunty to the kids. It'd be a nice twist rather than have them paired off.

Anonymous said...

I agree Aussie Pete, great idea.

Laura said...

I could have told you that, the minute she stole his wallet I could see they would pair these two up. It's just a tiresome repeat of Sophie and her homeless thief girlfriend. His kids don't need a new woman in his life so soon anyway! Why doesn't anyone put their kids first on these shows? They jump from one relationship to the other.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Shona lost an infant child, maybe a daughter--hence the emotion described when she sees Lily's card. Think it's more likely to be that than she's related to Kylie, but we'll see soon enough. jeanie

Anonymous said...

I think she'll be related to Kylie but they won't pair her and David up. I still think she's a lesbian, isn't Kate getting a new partner whose currently on the street??

Anonymous said...

I also thought that Shona could be the only likely candidate for Kate's girlfriend, unless it is a waitress we see regularly in the bistro but don't really know who she is.

Laura said...

I agree it's way too soon for David to get involved with anyone, so I hope they don't go that route. I'd rather see him develop some friendships on the street. It'd be funny to hear his sarcasm applied to the storylines going on in other families whenever one of these friends talks about their troubles to him - like having a male Blanche. :)

On that note, it's too bad we don't see Eva being a friend to David. The writers did a good job of developing Kylie and Eva's friendship, and when Kylie went AWOL for a year Eva was involved in David's search for her and kept in touch with David and the kids. It doesn't sit right that after Kylie's death you never see her interact with David, Max or Lily. It's not true to her character.

Maricha said...

That's true, Eva would be the loving aunt Max and Lily will never have in Sarah. There should be more effort put into pairing off people as friends than lovers. Lloyd and Steve, for example, were a lot more fun to watch than Michelle and Steve have been.

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