Thursday, 2 February 2017

Blog interviews: Rosie's return and Sinead's secret

There's a lot coming up next week in Coronation Street with the return of Rosie Webster and her sister Sophie too.  And as if accepting a Venus fly trap from Daniel wasn't enough, Sinead's in for a whole lot more too.

Our blogger Stevie Dawson was invited to ITV to find out more about these upcoming storylines and to interview Helen Flanagan (Rosie), Brooke Vincent (Sophie) and Katie McGlynn (Sinead). You can read all of the interviews here:
  • Helen Flanagan on Rosie Webster's return to Corrie. Read it here.
  • Brooke Vincent on Sophie Webster's return to Corrie. Read it here.
  • Katie McGlynn on Sinead dumping Chesney. Read it here.

Our blogger Emma was also recently invited by ITV to find out more about the storyline involving Bethany and Nathan in the tanning salon.  She interviewed Chris Harper, who plays Nathan and you can read the interview here:
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1 comment:

C in Canada said...

Whaddya wanna bet Sinead is up the duff from Daniel?

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