Friday, 10 February 2017

A note about leaving comments on Coronation Street Blog

Writing the Coronation Street Blog is a team effort and a labour of love.  We all write here because we feel passionately about a television show which means a lot to us all - and we enjoying writing about it.

As blog editor, I have the responsibility of reading all of the comments left on the blog to ensure that they are suitable for all to read and enjoy. 

For that reason, anonymous comments will no longer be allowed on the Coronation Street Blog. If you would like to continue to comment on our fan website, you will need to open up a Google account and create an identity online. 

We all put a great deal of work into this website of which we're very proud.

Please read our guidelines for leaving comments on this site.

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Please read our advice for leaving comments on the Coronation Street Blog

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