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Toyah and Peter’s secret relationship is out in the open this week and in some spectacular style too.  First of all, Toyah and Peter fall out when Toyah reveals how much she wants a baby, and how the strain of going through IVF and all that it cost, has cost her much more than the money, it’s destroyed her marriage too. Peter says he’s not keen on having a baby and the two of them part on bad terms.  Peter goes to work in his cab, picks up a pretty brunette and takes her for a coffee in  a hotel where he turns down her attempts to get him upstairs. Peter misses Toyah and later sends her a text which Leanne intercepts.

She sees it’s from Fred (Peter) and knowing how upset Toyah has been since falling out with this Fred fella, she replies to tell him to come to the flat. Peter tells Tim he’s on his way to see Wilma (Toyah) and when Tim tells Leanne, it dawns on her what’s been happening in Bedrock right under her nose. She walks in on Toyah and Peter snogging on her sofa and there’s tear and anger and lots of crying and shouting, as you’d expect.  “He’s the scabbiest knight in shining armour that’s ever saddled up,” Leanne says of Peter.  There’s even more shocks for Leanne when Eva tells her that she already knew about Toyah and Peter and even Simon knew too. All of this rather puts the damper on Nick’s plan to propose to Leanne as the poor woman doesn’t know where to put herself.

Jenny flashes her engagement ring, blinding the factory girls and giving Johnny’s bank balance a funny turn too.  Kate’s not best pleased when Jenny reminds her that marrying her dad means she’ll become her step-mum. What Aidan thinks of it all isn’t recorded this week as he was mysteriously absent. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Rita, Gail and Audrey for ages, nor Craig or Beth. Anyway, back to Jen-John.  Johnny wants Jenny to sign a pre-nup as Kate warns her dad that Jenny’s a gold-digger. At first Jenny’s against it: “Who do you think you are, Kanye West?” she yells at Johnny.

Sally gets good news this week from her breast cancer check-up at the clinic who confirm she’s cancer free. She has a drink in the Rovers to celebrate and Jenny finds her there, thinking she’s skiving from work. Jenny’s contrite when she finds out where Sally’s been. Sally muses about mastectomy bras and this gives Jenny an idea – one she’s keen to start working on in the factory. She and Sally invite a group of women from the clinic to see the mastectomy bras that Jenny’s designed, and Alya’s not happy to have her nose pushed out of this new venture. So jealous is Anya that she lands Jenny right in it with Johnny, who also knows nothing about the new line of bras. Jonny arrives at the factory when Jenny’s in full flow with her sales pitch to the ladies from the clinic, and he’s got a new client with him he’s hoping to impress. The client is almost on the verge of walking out after seeing the gaggle of women chatting when they should have been working. But Jenny saves the day, gets the client to stay and impresses Johnny no end with her business nous and skill. The scene when Jenny closed the office door on Alya (Jenny inside the office with Johnny and the client, Alya on the factory floor) was wonderful.

Over at the Barlows, Tracy and Luke announce they’ve gone exclusive in the relationship department. Ken also has an announcement for them all, he’s put the ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order in place in case he has another stroke and he’s also made his will. Adam is less than impressed to learn that, as one of Ken’s grandchildren and not Ken’s own child, he gets less from the will than Tracy, Peter and Daniel do when Ken pops off and dies. In fact, he gets much less. The paperweight that Ken bequeaths to Adam does little to steady his mood and he tells Todd later in the pub about Ken: “As far as I’m concerned, he can rot in hell.”

Over at the garage, Tyrone asks Phelan to put a quote in to fix the place up for Kev, who’s furious when he finds out. He tells Phelan he wants him nowhere near the garage and lashes out at Tyrone, giving him a split lip.  Kev comes clean and admits the insurance isn’t going to pay out for the garage repairs as they reckon he torched the place himself. When Sally hears his plight she offers him seven thousand pounds, half of the cost of Sophie’s insurance bill from her accident in Miami.  Kev comes up with a plan for Anna to sue David Platt for her injuries and at first Anna says she’ll do it but when she finds out that Kev’s ex-wife has given him the cash, she’s furious with Kev and rightly so.

Meanwhile in the Bistro, Kate works a trial shift behind the bar and decides to take a job there working with Robert and Nick. She hands in her notice at the factory and Johnny accepts it with good grace and lets his daughter go.

And finally this week, Chesney has his hair done in an effort to impress Sinead. “I want it all floppy on the top,” he tells David in the salon.  David does wonders with Ches’ hair but alas, it’s not good enough to woo and win Sinead back. She has, after all, only eyes for Daniel now.

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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Anonymous said...

Why Tracy? she's adopted and Adam is a blood relation to Ken so Adam should get more than Tracy and Amy

Maricha said...

If you're someone's child I don't think it matters whether you're related by blood or adoption.Also, Tracy is the child who's spent the most time with Ken.
I'd say she already got her share when her parents had to go into debt to defend her from a murder charge but that's not Adam's concern.No one resents that Ken was gone for a year to care for him in Canada.
If he only came back because he was hoping his grandfather was going to die right away, it serves him right that he's not getting much. I hope Corrie has no plans to kill Ken off.

Anonymous said...

Anna should have sued idiot David a long time ago. This storyline is getting worse by the day. I don't buy into her and Kevin being a couple at all. She was her best with Owen.

Maricha said...

I would think that should have happened automatically. David was driving a car and it caused Anna's injuries, she should have gotten an offer from his insurer and only needed to sue if she thought it was too low.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that Anna should've sued David long ago,I didn't like Kevin wanting to exploit her injuries for his personal gain.
He did the same thing to Sally years ago,expecting her to 'invest'her inheritance after her mother died in the garage so he could buy out Natalie Horrocks[whom he's been having an affair with]and he tried to pull the same scam on Anna due to his vendetta against David even though he knew Gary and Sarah are a couple.
I also believe that if Tim didn't let it slip about Sally's financial help,Kevin would've kept quiet and used Anna's money for the garage.

Anonymous said...

Maricha, David wouldn't have had insurance, the car wasn't roadworthy and therefore would have no MoT - you can't get insurance on an old car with no MoT (An MoT is a Ministry of Transport test to confirm a car is roadworthy). So Anna would have to sue David personally. Where does she think he can get any money from?

Maricha said...

I see, does that mean that when Tyrone and Kevin let David drive the car off their lot they were breaking the law? I remember Tyrone saying the car was a dud but they sold it anyways.
David has no money but he owns his home. He could at least mortgage it to give Anna a few thousand pounds to cover her losses and expenses. Maybe that will make him think twice the next time he feels reckless. It really isn't fair that what happened to Anna hasn't gotten him in any trouble at all.

coconno196 said...

Since Adam's mother, who was Ken's daughter Susan, is deceased, surely her share should go to Adam, i. e. Ken could leave 20% of his estate each to Tracy, Peter, Daniel and Adam, and 20% between grandchildren Simon and Amy. Alternatively, as they will eventually inherit from their parents, Ken could just leave Simon and Amy a nominal sum, with the rest divided by 4 between Tracy, Peter, Daniel and Adam. Not that Adam really deserves anything after Ken spent a year looking after him, and Tracy had her share for the murder trial, as Maricha said.

Anonymous said...

Realistically speaking, how much money does Ken even have? Whether you get a quarter or a twelfth, it's not going to be much--hardly worth all the angst over!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The person who really behaved badly regarding David's crash was his mother, Gail. She thought David saying sorry was good enough and that might have been OK if he had only pranged another car. At some point, a parent has to let their children take the consequences of their actions. Let the law decide whether he was so demented with grief that he couldn't be held responsible for his actions. It's an interesting point about Kevin and Tyrone letting David drive a dud car. If someone has such a car to use at a race track, they have to tow it to the venue.

Maricha said...

Totally agree Humpty Dumpty, and if Gail was so eager to spare David from facing the law, she should have been the one to think of giving Anna some money and a helping hand. Things like these often get settled privately but not if there's no show of good faith from the guilty party or their family. David has calmed down enough to go explain himself to Anna and ask what he can do to make amends without needing a lawsuit to spur him on. No wonder Gary is angry with him.

Maricha said...

That's true enough. Knowing how little there is makes Adam's anger and scheming look awfully cheap, especially for someone with a university education. He can earn more than he'd inherit in just a few weeks or months even if he doesn't practice law.

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