Sunday, 5 February 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for Jan. 30 to Feb. 3

You Old Charmer award: Peter. In the mood he was in, the idea of chauffering a beautiful woman around was just the trick, no pun intended. He poured on the charm but ended up walking away from temptation.

Gold Digger award: Jenny. She might not be one technically but if Johnny were not at least comfortably off, she likely wouldn't have looked twice at him.

Got his Number award: Yasmeen told Cathy that Brian is a fool. Nailed it.

Greedy Guts award: Kevin. Sally's money takes some of the pressure off but does he refuse Anna's offer of trying to sue David? No, No he does not.

Philosopher King award: Tim. Men and women are like cheese and pickle. Love it!

Control Addict: Where does Alya get off getting snotty with Jenny for her developing a new mastectomy bra without permission, using a few scraps of material and doing it on her own time?

Jenny 1, Alya 0. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Alya is getting more and more horrible. I think her days are numbered.

Superfluous to Requirements award: Sophie.

Lifeboat award: Peter was Toyah's lifeboat while she was drowning under failed IVF and a broken marriage. Not exactly a level playing field for a strong relationship. 

Lines of the week 
Nick about Leanne "She loves surprises" (She flaming well doesn't, you know, not today anyway)
Leanne "Well, Yabba dabba flamin' do. Fred and Wilma, I presume"
Tyrone "There's a loophole, all right, and it's right round our neck"
Freddie "You two have been mates for years" Tyrone "on and off. Obviously, things got a bit tense when he got me wife up the duff but apart from that..."
Tracy "We were friends with benefits. But then we were never friends, were we?"
Peter about Nick "I love it when he makes that disapproving face and he's got a mouth like a cat's backside"
Brian "Me nan made me a snake out of old tights"... "He was more than a stuffed toy to me. He represented optimism, hope. A world of possibilities" Audrey "You get all of that out of a snake made of tights?"
Nick "Are we playing Interview Bingo here?"
Jenny "It's hard to smile when you're being called a gold digger. Who d'you think you are? Kanye West?"
Tim "That's not chalk and cheese, that's cheese and pickle. Different, but complimentary"
Leanne about Peter "He’s the scabbiest knight in shining armour that’s ever saddled up"

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Anonymous said...

'a face like a slaррed backside' maybe?

Anonymous said...

Nope, cat's bum makes perfect sense for the King of the Pursed Lips...

Cobblestone said...

Not sure that Jenny wouldn't have looked twice at Johnny if he didn't have money; he was very kind to her at a time when she was very vulnerable and in need of support (from someone other than Rita). I'd like to see their relationship work - doesn't mean she can't be a right madam sometimes though!

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