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Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 6 Feb 2017

Our blogger Rachel Stevenson normally writes her fantastic Monday night episode reviews but is away on holiday for three weeks. While she's away, Coronation Street Blog reader Ryan Oxley has kindly offered to step into Rachel's shoes to bring you his review of Monday night's episodes.

And so, it's over to Ryan...

Tonight’s episodes offered near-trysts in taxi’s & factories, drug busts and a garage ruckus!

In amongst the rather bland plot devices of flopsy bunny’s disappearing act (who is Shona?) and Seb (the pleb), we had the real high-end drama for Kevin & Anna, Rosie and Sophie, comedy from Tim & Sally and sadness for our Chez.

The return of Rosie was a real surprising delight (I am still laughing at her description of Gary as ‘Ginger Barry’). It wasn’t all delight for Kevin though as his troubles mount, will he lose the factory and his old ‘best friend’ Tyrone? A fraught relationship, tonight being worse as Kev’s daughters returned. We will talk about that in a minute.  I was also drawn to the alarmingly similar character traits of Peter and Daniel Barlow this evening. Peter moved ‘Wilma’ aka Toyah into the flat and gives her his undying love speech (outside the taxi office), Daniel serenades Sinead (in a knicker factory) with the wonderful words of Seamus Heeney and some fantastic dialogue (Mary or Roy are usually dealt this intelligent prose). Peter had earlier taken his Carla ‘lookalike’ client on a taxi ride as devious Daniel had earlier coerced Sinead into study time at the factory, both their intentions seem dubious if not morally bereft. You must feel sorry for Chez, right?

I doubt either of the Barlow boys prospective or future relations will end well. It’s worth mentioning that they are both for my corrie favourites, at present.

Young Chez is kipping on the sofa and tears fall as Sinead departs for the factory, but a burger munching comedy delight that is Gemma, embraces him and eventually its darts with larger and lime in The Rovers. Do we see these two together in future, perhaps?

The Webster girls, having returned from months (even years) in Miami, are largely untanned, although it becomes apparent that they have brought something else back with them.  It isn’t long before the soap police (plain clothed, is this a first?), arrive to ransack No. 13 and arrest Sophie and Rosie on drug charges heaping more woes on Kevin, as they are marched off to the Weatherfield CID on Class A charges.

As Rosie flashes her out of date passport picture at a now uniformed officer, both sisters appear back at home in no time (clear of charges?) but it appears our Rosie has left a bag behind in a taxi which Sally dubiously collects, I wonder what is in that?!! Those plain clothes police need to work a bit harder next time. As for Kevin?... I hope he’s better next week.

Ryan B Oxley
Twitter: @rybazoxo

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C in Canada said...

When did Kevin buy the factory?! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought Sinead was kipping on the sofa???

Maricha said...

Sinead wanted to but Chesney said he would instead.

Anonymous said...

I feel a little sorry for Chesney but I think he just stifles the life out of whichever girl he's with.

Maricha said...

Yes. That's often what happens to people who skip the period when they should have been acting like teens and learning to just date and move on because they have
babies and pair up long term.

Rossie said...

Yes, Chesney aged overnight when he be came a dad, but parenthood doesn't have to do that, sometimes it is the exact opposite. If I think back to Chesney's childhood with the dreadful Cilla (hope I've got her name right) it is not surprising he has such a strong yearning for security and routine.
Sinead wanted the same when they first got together, he offered her an escape from her family. But now she has outgrown him and it is time for her to move on. Sorry Chesney, but not even a new hairdo will be enough to keep her by your side.

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