Sunday, 5 February 2017

Is Coronation Street planning to kill off Ken?

The Sun is reporting today - so take it with your usual pinch of tabloid salt - that Ken is set to suffer  another stroke - and could be killed off in Coronation Street.

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun that Ken's life will be hanging by a thread after he suffers a second stroke: “He is rushed to hospital and his life is very much hanging in the balance. Ken has been through a lot in his time on Corrie, but the big question is whether or not he can survive something as serious as this.”

A Corrie spokeswoman told The Sun: “We don’t comment on storylines.”

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Antiphon said...

If there is any truth in this I wonder if this is why the relationship between Ken and Audrey was not taken any further?

Maricha said...

I don't think they're planning on killing him but all that talk of a will and DNR orders has to be leading up to something.
I'm betting Ken has another stroke or a reaction to medication that puts him in a coma and there's a huge fight between the Barlows who want him unplugged and those who don't.
Then Ken wakes up on his own and it resolves itself.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Another possibility is that Ken has another stroke, soon recovers but can no longer lead an independent life. He might say that was precisely why he wanted a DNR order. Then there will be issues for which of his children cares for him and does he have to move into other accommodation. I wish they had explored this with Emily as care in later years is a huge problem. Bill Roache is 85 this year so may want to either leave or have a very reduced work load. It was going to come sooner or later with the older cast. Emily hasn't returned and we don't see Rita that much.

Martin Rosen said...

He has been in Corrie since episode one. They are not about to kill him off. If he was going it would be all over the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't doubt it. I'd like him to go peacefully though. Nothing too dramatic or OTT..

Anonymous said...

Do it! Do it! Do it!

C in Canada said...

It's possible...but it also COULD be a storyline to allow Adam to cause more mischief with Ken's will.

Laura said...

I agree that if Ken's character were leaving they would be milking it for all it was worth in terms of "end of an era", etc.

coconno196 said...

William Roache has always said he'll carry on as long as his health allows, and I really can't believe Kate Oates would dare kill him off, the only original cast member left. Surely Ken will eventually "leave" the way Blanche, Betty and Deirdre did, when the actor is no longer with us.

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