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Corrie weekly update: Bathroom Habits, Peruvian Gods and Jodrell Bank

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With the CPS having decided they haven’t got enough evidence to secure a conviction against evil Nathan, Sarah goes to see Sergeant Neil Clifford to try to get him to talk to Bethany. He’s more than happy to put the frighteners on her and tells he she should tell her mam that she made everything up to get attention or there could be consequences for her family.

Craig is suspicious about Neil’s repeated visits to Bethany as they seem to be more than would be normal for victim support and they’ve not been recorded back at the station. He goes to see his friend Bethany and in a heart wrenching and harrowing scene she tells him all about how Neil is a friend of Nathan’s and she’d been forced to have sex with him. Craig wants to do the right thing but Bethany says she won’t be believed and it could put her family in danger.

He goes to see his boss anyway about leaving his job without saying why but everyone at the station says that it’s just a wobble and he should give it a couple of weeks to think it over. But he decides to confront Neil who pretends that he was working undercover for CID looking into Nathan’s case. Craig’s not daft though and doesn’t believe him, though Neil spins him a yarn about the rape, saying he had put Bethany to bed, drunk and stoned but nothing happened and she’s confused and making it all up.

Gary and Sarah are in search of other victims of Nathan and tag along with Yasmeen and Rana when they go to help out at a drop-in centre. Sarah asks around with no success but as she’s leaving she bumps into Shona who is with a young girl who runs off. Shona wants to go after the girl, Lara, who she met while sleeping rough, as she’s been involved with Nathan but Shona’s been injured and they take her to hospital to be checked out and ring Billy the vicar, who agrees Shona can come back to stay at number 11.

It’s the first anniversary of Kylie’s murder and the rest of the Platt family and Gemma are busy commemorating it with a picnic in the back garden and a giant game of snakes and ladders. David the dog escapes out onto the street and when David not the dog goes out to fetch him, he sees Shona arriving over at Eileen’s house. He goes ballistic at Billy for bring the mother of Kylie’s murderer back to the Street and tells him to keep her away from his family. Sarah has a heart to heart with her brother about Shona and knows that he’s still attracted to her. He can’t get over the fact that it was her son who ruined his life but Sarah says that Shona can’t be held responsible for the despicable act of her son.

Erica tells Liz that her love life with Dev is lacking any fizz, Dev’s idea of a romantic day out is a trip to Jodrell Bank. Meanwhile Kev is getting increasingly sick of the lack of attention from Anna because he loves her so much. So much in fact that when Erica proposes an evening of rumpy pumpy at a local hotel, he puts his glad rags and a gallon of after shave on under his overalls and heads over there. Anna had overheard Kev talking to Rosie about his problems and decides she needs to do something about it so gets dolled up ready for his return from work. When he doesn’t appear she rings him, declares her undying love for him and tells him she wants to sort thing out between them. Sitting in his car outside the hotel he tells her he’s on a callout, presumably he has a big end to sort out, but he leaves the hotel and heads home to Anna.

When he gets home, Anna knows he’s been up to no good by the smell and the clothes and he admits he was tempted and nearly went through with it but he really does love Anna and is truly sorry. He ends up sleeping on the sofa and while Anna is still upset by his betrayal she wants to make a new start. Anna has worked out who the other woman is and invites Erica for a drink at the Bistro. She warns her off her man and leaves her chastened and with a bill for a bottle of fizz. Erica is still bored with Dev though and tries to dump him but he thinks they just see too much of each other at home and at work. Erica decides to stop working in the shop and, as only seems to happen in Corrie, within a matter of hours secures herself a job at the Bistro.

Sean turns up at the Kabin with a letter from No. 3 which is addressed to Mr & Mrs N Cole, not only that but it’s Norris’s writing on the envelope. Mary steams it open to find that it’s a confirmation of his entry for a Mr & Mrs competition. Mary takes the huff, refusing to let Norris explain himself but he tells Rita that he wants to win it for Mary as the prize is a round the world trip and she could use it to go and see her son in South Africa. Mary eventually gets on board and the pair of them go into overdrive learning each other’s needs, idiosyncrasies and bathroom habits.

Eva wants a house with a garden for her phantom baby in her continuing vengeance against Aidan. He hasn’t a clue whether he’s coming or going especially as he no knows about his father’s MS diagnosis. He can’t afford anything more than buying their flat from Dev and even that will be a stretch.

An old friend of Gary’s from the army turns up flashing the cash and tries to convince him to come and work with him in Ukraine doing private security work. It’s a risky business but as Joe demonstrates by leaving a wodge of notes in Gary’s wallet, it pays very well. But Gary’s got his family to think about nowadays and is very cold towards the idea.

The end of an era dawns. Liz is packing things up in the pub, ready to move into a flat with Steve once the sale of the Rovers to Peter and Toyah goes through. She’s got herself a new job as a receptionist at the medical centre and Sean gives her an effigy of a Peruvian god for good luck. She brings all her customer service skills from years of working in pubs and bars and she’s rubbish at it. She’s too chatty with the punters, can’t work the booking system and is caught vaping on duty. It can’t last long.

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This week’s writers were Ella Greenhill and Susan Oudot (Monday double); David Isaac (Wednesday); Ellen Taylor (Friday double).

Barry Smith

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popcorn said...

How is it that Billy can decide who can and can't stay at Eileen's?

Anonymous said...

popcorn,I was wondering the same thing too about Billy.
As for Sarah,I think if it wasn't for the fact that Shona was helping her get evidence against Nathan,she wouldn't be convincing her brother to date the mother of his wife's murderer without a thought to how it would affect her niece and nephew.

Maricha said...

Good old Sarah, as usual, if something is useful to her, it doesn't matter how it affects anyone else. She's moving out anyways so if Clayton is released and comes round it won't be her problem.

Cobblestone said...

Well, Billy knows how worried Eileen was when Shona took off, so it's a fair bet she'd take her back again.

Cobblestone said...

She wasn't convincing him to date Shona (which IS a crazy idea), she was pointing out how unfair and irrational it is to blame a woman for something her kid has done (and her estranged kid at that!). Her motives - aside from the point she's making being right - are driven by her need for Shona's help in fighting for Bethany. She wasn't playing Cupid; although what the consequences of that conversation may be ...

Corriegated Cardboard said...

I agree 100% Cobblestone; I believe Sarah is truly just trying to help Bethany to the best of her ability, and to be completely fair it really wasn't shona's fault her son became a killer because she hardly ever got to see him when he was younger so it couldn't have been her influence

Anonymous said...

Granted it's not Shona's fault that her son is a killer but as far as David is concerned as Clayton'e mother, she still is a reminder of his wife's tragic death.

I also doubt the children wouldn't be too happy either with their father dating the mother of their mother's murderer.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Vicars don't make enough money to find their own lodgings.

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