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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Battersby Girls to take over Rovers Return?

With Toyah's name above the door now at the Rovers Return...

... the signs are there, nailed to the tilework in fact, that she's there for the long haul.

For now, anyway!  In soap, who knows what might happen next week?

To me, Toyah isn't a natural landlady of any pub, never mind The Rovers Return. She seems at odds behind the bar, unsure how to approach people, uncertain of what's going on in front of the bar or in the back room. And with recovering alchoholic Peter Barlow by her side, who can blame her? Plus, her mind's on IVF and babies, not on the bar and booze. Her mind's on hormones, not hot-pots.

And, add this to the mix. As @RudeMrLang pointed out on twitter: "I’ll tell you who looks right behind that bar, and unfortunately it ain’t Toyah. "

All of this has got me thinking about the Battersby sisters taking over the Rovers Return together. Could it happen?  Surely it's just a matter of time before Peter falls off the wagon? Why else would they put him behind the bar at the pub?

And with Steve proposing to Leanne, maybe that's his way back into the boozer with Leanne by his side? All pure speculation of course. But I just can't see Toyah and Peter staying the distance - as a couple or as landlords of the pub.

What do you reckon?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Roy mentioned Sam Malone in 'Cheers', the recovering alcoholic running a bar. I don't see Peter as another 'Sam' and I think he'll bow out when he sees the warning signs. But Steve, Leanne, Toyah, Liz and their casual staff would be over-kill. If he gives up the day job in the Rovers, Peter will be kicking his heels. Maybe Toyah will only do a couple of shifts in the pub to keep her hand in, and join him in another venture. There are going to more streets on the expanded set so a new bookies is quite feasible.

Cobblestone said...

Anyone else struck by how much Leanne looks like Stella in that pic above? It had never struck me back when Stella was around. Hopefully she'll do a better job behind that bar than her mum did.

Tvor said...

AN iconic landlady has to be blonde so Leanne fits the bill much better than Toyah!

popcorn said...

Agree totally - Toyah won't last, and Leanne is a natural.

Anonymous said...

Leanne worked there before so why not.

Anonymous said...

Leanne has the qualities for it definetly. I wonder, it does sound like Toyah won't take the $$ so I for one hope Leanne takes over. After all, her scenes with Liz are great. Remember that storyline with Liz's ex who knew Leanne and threatened her? The two has respect for each other. That and it's not Michelle back :)

Scott Willison said...

Leanne might be looking for a job when her maternity leave ends given she can't step foot in the Bistro without Michelle spitting bile at her. The Rovers would seem the natural spot for her.

Plus, and this is a personal thing, I feel like you need to *earn* the Rovers. Bet, Liz and Shelley worked their way up from barmaid to landlady, while Vera and Jack were stalwarts of the Street. It's one of the many reasons Stella didn't work - she just dropped in from nowhere and took over, without paying her dues.

Leanne has been in the show for years and has really proved her worth as a character. Toyah's only been back five minutes, and Peter has flitted in and out of the show for fifty years. Get Leanne behind the bar and it'd all make much more sense.


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