Sunday, 30 July 2017

New fella for Maria in Coronation Street

Where there's a Will there's a way, right?  Maria certainly seems to think so when she sets her sights on Michelle's ex-fella Will next week in Coronation Street.

She's doing it to try to make Aidan jealous, of course, and whether it will succeed or not remains to be seen.

In scenes to be screened on Monday next week, Maria and Will cosy up in the Rovers Return, as the picture above shows.

She doesn't have much luck with fellas, Maria, does she?  Marrying a gay hairdresser she met overseas. Marrying Liam who was really in love with his ex-sister in law Carla. She stole Toyah Battersby's fella from her once too and she's got her claws into Aidan right now. And next week she's going after Michelle's ex-fella Will.  Oh 'eck, etc.

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Scott Willison said...

After her affair with Aidan - where he basically said "I'm not leaving Eva for you, I'm just keeping you as my bit on the side, ok?" and Maria said "Fine with me!" - I'm genuinely concerned for her. She needs to step back and just not sleep with anyone for a while. I feel like she's wrapping everything she does up in whatever man is in her bed, and that's not healthy. Maria is not the sharpest tool and she's not especially interesting, but come on girl, have a bit of self respect and self worth. She needs to step back for a while and enjoy being with herself rather than dropping under the first bloke who comes along. Maybe then she'll find a bloke who's actually worth having.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how she stole Sean's fella Marcus. That was an all-time-low, imo.

Linda Shockley said...

Maybe Maria should consider getting a man who isn't already taken.

Anonymous said...

Linda Shockley,Maria did have a decent boyfriend in Luke but she dumped him for Aidan,silly girl!
Given her penchant to be the center of attention,Michelle will become jealous and want Will for herself cheating on Robert this time instead of Steve!

Kim Page said...

Yes! Luke! From abs to flabs! Haha, no offence to moobs!
Good call on Me-chelle!

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