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Friday 28 July 2017

Colson Smith on "being fed to the lions" in Corrie's Green Room

Colson Smith, who plays Craig Tinker in Coronation Street, is interviewed this week as Corrie's grooming storyline starts to come to a close.

Are you surprised that out of all the characters in Coronation Street, it is Craig who has turned out to be Bethany’s savour?
“Yes; you don’t automatically think of Craig as the hero, but I guess he was in the right place at the right time. Bethany needed somebody to listen to her and he’s the sort of person who will sit back and listen, and not judge. It’s Craig’s personality that has meant he has become the hero.”

Craig was a dopey kid when he first came to the cobbles and didn’t speak very much. Are you surprised by the man he has become?
“Yes, and it has been really good to play the twists and turns of Craig’s life. He’s been through a lot – when Faye had her baby we saw a different personality, and when his dad came into the show, we saw a bit of an angry and passionate side to Craig. With the Bethany story, this is probably the first time he’s really had to step out of his comfort zone.”

Craig has to face his superiors at the police station this week, over the way he got a confession out of Neil. How would he feel if he was given his marching orders?
“Being in the police force is the first time where he’s felt accepted and belonged. He is upset at the thought of losing his job, but he understands that if that happened, it’s because of what he did for Bethany. So for him, that’s OK.”

You joined Corrie in 2011. What has it been like for you, growing up on a soap?
“I was 12 when I joined, and I suppose that being with adults and having friends that were a lot older than me means that I’ve grown up quickly and I’ve got quite an old head on my shoulders. I always tell my friends at home that my banter’s far better than theirs because I’ve had more experience. I got fed to the lions the minute I turned 16 and went into the adult green room!”

Tell us more!
“Alan Halsall (who plays Tyrone) is the King of Banter! But what happens in the green room stays in the green room. Let’s just say I learnt quite early on not to leave my mobile phone unaccompanied!”

When you look back at your childhood, does it surprise you that you have become an actor?
“My dad said to me that when you’re a parent and your child is first born, you hold them in your arms and you think: ‘This kid is going to be a…’ and he’d have never said ‘actor’ in a million years.

“I don’t really know where it came from. I was born in Devon in the most rural of rural places, and when I moved to Yorkshire and became a townie, I did loads of stuff after school. I played football, cricket, and I went to a drama class – and the thing that stuck was drama. I kind of got lucky with it; it was a hobby that turned serious.”

Speaking of children, would you like Craig to settle down and have a family one day?
“I imagine Craig being the sort of guy to want that life. He’s not had the best of backgrounds, and there’s not much stability in the Tinker family. So I think Craig just wants stability and normality.’

 Craig has fallen for Bethany – would you like them to become an item?
“It’d be interesting to see. Obviously, she has been through a lot, and I believe Craig will be there as a friend; get her back onto the track of enjoying her life and being a teenager. If romance happens, it happens. But it’d be nice to have more scenes with Lucy Fallon.”

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C in Canada said...

I love Craig, always have he's brilliant!
Ever since he plopped down on our screens as Beth's very quiet son, (I remember him staring at Steve over a milkshake)he shone line a star, and I hope he stays for good!

Anonymous said...

Think he's an amazing actor and he's more than proved that with the Bethany storyline

Tvor said...

He's becoming a great little actor and Craig is a wonderful character. I would remind Colson, however, that assisting Faye to give birth might have been his first ever out of the comfort Zone for Craig! :) Certainly seemed it from this side of the tv screen!

popcorn said...

Just where was Colson Smith born? He says here he was born in Devon - but Wiki says Dorchester, Dorset, and imdb says Castleford, West Yorkshire!

Cobblestone said...

If he says Devon, I'd go with Devon. Internet sites are riddled with inaccuracies.

maggie muggins said...

Love, love, love Craig. Carlson has always played him spot on. I hope he's on the show long-term, though I think he'd do well in other venues too.

But I'm confused about where he says this - "...and when his dad came into the show, we saw a bit of an angry and passionate side to Craig". I don't recall ever seeing his dad on the show, and the Corrie wiki never mentions this, other than the fact that Daryl the Rat is named after Craig's dad.

Anonymous said...

His dad was only in a couple of episodes, not that long ago. He's in prison. Craig hoped they could bond, but his dad, Daryll only wanted Craig to smuggle stuff in for him in prison. Craig never visited again

Maricha said...

His dad appeared in that Craig visited him when he was first thinking of becoming a cop. The man is in jail and it also turned out Beth hadn't divorced him so she had committed bigamy when she married Kirk which infuriated Craig. His parents' crimes looked like they would derail his plans to join the police but somehow that's been forgiven (another might have a better answer about how this was swept under the rug).

maggie muggins said...

Thanks, Anonymous and Maricha! It's all coming back to me now, especially the prison visit.


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