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Monday 31 July 2017

How do you solve a problem like Moira, the Health Centre Manager

Why, exactly, may I ask, is everyone so frightened of Moira?

Yes, she is the manager, so, fair enough, she is in charge of the admin staff, such as Liz, whose role is to answer the phone and make appointments for patients. But why is she so fearsome?

Now, if ever there was someone with people skills on the cobbles, it would have to be Liz – and she’s no pushover either - at least she wasn’t before the advent of Megalomaniac Moira, the power-crazed, tyrannical control freak who has taken charge at the health centre.

At one point, I thought there had been a breakthrough and that Moira was being complimentary. In Moira’s presence, Liz is a little nervous and says that she is all fingers and thumbs today. ‘Nonsense,’ replies Moira, ‘You’re doing very well, all things considered.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ asks Liz, justifiably. ‘Well’, replies the delightful Moira, ‘your lack of experience and your limited skills set – stick at it.’

Last week we saw the lovely Doctor Susan Gaddas and Liz having a chat during their break. That was soon put paid to by the arrival of Moira, clearly put out by seeing ‘her’ staff chatting together. Moira addresses the doctor as Susan, and is asked by Moira for her paperwork. Moira’s tone is patronising and even rather aggressive. Doctor Susan Gaddas scurries off obediently, promising her paper work will be done.

Liz is outraged by the exchange and lets Moira know her feelings. She tells Moira that it was wrong to use the doctor’s first name. If she, Liz, had studied for all those years, she would want some respect and no doubt would expect to be addressed as Doctor Gaddas.  Moira’s reply to Liz is as follows, ‘Respect is earned – when she gets up to date with her paperwork, maybe I’ll give her some.’  How does anyone respond to that without using several expletives? Moira adds, somewhat bizarrely, that, ‘ Friendship is no substitute for a tight ship,’ which leads us to wonder if Moira has ever had a friend.

What will the future bring for Liz’s life in her new job? Will the staff remain cowed and obedient or will there be a rebellion and a subsequent removal of ‘The snarling beast of Rosamund Street?’ as Steve calls her. I hope we get to know more about Moira and why she is as she is.

But oh - beige! You have to be kidding, Moira! Our Liz in beige? Please, no!

By @Ruth1722

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Philip said...

Is Moira a regular Character or will she only be a guest character?

abbyk said...

Two words: Angry. Redhead!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't know much about GP surgeries but Moira reminds me of many senior school secretaries I've worked with, particularly in secondary schools. They have to run a tight ship and even the head teachers were wary of them. Bills have to be paid etc and the mantra was: 'you do not upset whatever-her-name(and they were generally women). Wasn't it the same in the old days of matrons and even quite senior doctors? Having said that, if Moira is to hang around, I wouldn't mind betting this is a new double act for Liz. She always needed a sparring partner at the Rovers but never got one. Perhaps Moira and Liz will turn out to be a brilliant love-hate partnership.

Cobblestone said...

I was thinking she was temporary but I'm thinking again. Steve has already established the nickname 'Moora' for her, and she actually came into the Rovers for a (soft) drink. Hope Humpty's right (below) and they'll develop her as a foil for Liz, but they need to be a bit more realistic. No one effective at their job could be as grossly insensitive as this woman, although I have known people with a spectacular lack of self-awareness.We have seen flashes of light along with her very obvious shade, and that needs to be developed. I would have liked to have seen her be mortified when Liz pointed out that her comments about the pub might have offended her; genuinely upset that she'd hurt Liz' feelings. Then five minutes later, blithely say something else cutting. We need context. Who is she, what's her background?

Zagg said...

If Liz is so inexperienced and out of her element, how and why did she get this job?

Tashacat said...

Zagg, I have absolutely no idea. I work in a Medical Practice and there's no way in a million years she'd get a job. I agree with Humpty as well, practice managers have a pretty thankless and highly responsible job. I've worked with a heck of a lot worse than Moira. Oh, and all the staff address each other by their first names except in front of patients

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is with Liz not Moira.
Liz has no experience, and I think is very unprofessional chatting to friends,Eileen and Erica when she's supposed to be registering patients.
Perhaps Liz could retire?

Maricha said...

The thing is that competent or not Liz was hired. Moira may not like it but that's the reality. A competent boss would get cracking on training Liz minus the snide comments.


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