Thursday, 20 July 2017

Corrie's grooming story goes to trial

Digital Spy report that Coronation Street has officially confirmed that Bethany Platt's abusers will face a trial.

In the episodes airing on Friday night, we'll see Bethany finally report corrupt copper Neil Clifton for his role in what happened, which leads to a review of the entire investigation.

As this new evidence clearly puts the whole situation in a new light, the police decide there's a chance that Neil and Nathan Curtis can both be charged.

Christopher Harper, who plays Nathan, has already confirmed that his character will end up in prison as punishment for his crimes.

Corrie bosses had also always promised that the story would conclude with "Nathan and his gang exposed and forced to face the full consequences of their actions".

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C in Canada said...

There's no way they could do a storyline this dark and NOT have the villains get their comeuppance for it. It would give a message that if you go through this and do the right thing and report it, you may not get justice and that would defeat the purpose of highlighting this issue.

Anonymous said...

Exactly C, exactly. They've already overstepped the mark (IMHO) involving the police in this sordid story. The comeuppance cannot come soon enough!

Humpty Dumpty said...

They have not made Nathan or Neil redeemable in any way and there are no layers to them, despite what the actors might say in interviews. They'll be convicted and while Nathan might survive in prison with an entourage of cronies,Neil wouldn't cope. Guess Neil will be convicted but will commit suicide. Possibly, found off-screen, hanging in his cell.

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