Thursday, 27 July 2017

Video: New Corrie trailer shows kidnap horror

A new Coronation Street trailer has been released by ITV showing Michelle being stalked and threatened as Rich's revenge takes a much darker turn.

The Bistro is torched by a hooded figure before it cuts to Michelle screaming for Robert.

Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, has this chilling warning : "I think things are going to get a lot worse for Michelle."

You can watch the video trailer below. As always, we apologise to overseas fans who may be unable to view it. This isn't our fault - it's the  way ITV set up the videos to be viewed. I think it's something to do with licence and copyright.  Please, don't complain to us. If we could make them viewable to everyone, we would, but we have no control over this.

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C in Canada said...

Not really much sympathy for Michelle after how she treated Steve for years.

Zagg said...

This would be the perfect time to write her out of the show. Her screaming and gnashing teeth performances have worn thin.

Anonymous said...

Michelle to meet her end? Now that would be worth watching! Unfortunately, we're not that lucky! :)

Rebecca said...

Maybe Stockholm syndrome? She starts to feel bad for her captors and leaves the street with them.

abbyk said...

Robert can't come up with £10k for Chesney, so where is he going to find ransom? Sorry, Michelle. Last night showed you can do more than just fold you arms and moan, but it's too little too late for me. Say bye bye.

Abercrombie said...

Not another fire,'s so ridiculous. Why high drama all the time that is not life as we know it. Thank goodness. Nice cosy chats, humour, happiness, true love, honesty and loyalty. They all do exist.

Anonymous said...

I also cannot muster much sympathy for Michelle
Apparently Will does return and at the risk of sounding cynical,this kidnap horror is probably a ploy for Michelle to feel justified to cheat again with him especially since she didn't come of as being sympathetic cheating on Steve with Will while Steve was recovering from his depression..

Hola! said...

Perfect opportunity for an amnesia story line! Michelle get's bonked on the head when her captors can't take anymore of her moaning and teeth gnashing. She wakes up alone at the airport with a ticket and her (fake) passport, jumps on a plane to Puerto Rico and is never heard from again. Done.

boris the spider said...

No, I can't summon up any sympathy for Michelle either. And for her to act "frightened"? Nah, she'd be just as likely to lump an intruder. They'd be scared witless of her. I wish they would write her out, way past her sell-by date.

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