Monday, 24 July 2017

Confessions of a Coronation Street Tour Guide (5 of 5)

Here we go with the continuation of Aussie Pete's Confessions of a Coronation Street Tour Guide.

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Any scary moments working on what has been called a haunted set?
In the ‘Corridor of Stars’ just before arriving at Wardrobe, there is a lift to get to the next floor. When I first started, I was told a story about even though it was off and not in-use, it would sometimes open on its own.

One evening I walked past it and it opened right in front of me! I jumped and screamed! I think it scared about 5 years off my life! There were rumours of spirits in the place, the area did have a burial ground there about 100 years ago along with a church at the St John’s Park. There have also been rumours that the late Pat Phoenix’s spirit is there looking after the place as she cared for it so much.

What were you feelings when you saw the pics of it all demolished and the cobbles ripped up?
Honest truth? It brought tears to my eyes. To know that where I worked and had some of my happiest memories now stands in ruins, really hurts. I really thought that they would somehow preserve it. It’s an icon, I feel it should’ve been treated better.

And did you have a party at the end of the tour when it closed down, any tales you can tell us from that?
We actually had 2! The first one was an all-expenses paid party at the Bijou nightclub. That was a really fun evening. Drinks, dancing and great food.

The second one was held on the very last day of the Tour. We all gathered as the final tour group came out and celebrated that was the end. We followed this by watching a video montage in the black box of all our photos and happy memories of our time together. The was not a dry-eye in the studio. It took me a good 5 minutes to calm down and be able to even talk. We partied until midnight then sadly, left for the very last time, knowing that was it, and we’d never be back again.

It was an amazing 14 months that I was there, and I will cherish the incredible memories and friendships until the day I die. If they ever reopened tours on the new set, would I go back? Well in my case, living in Australia, I’d have to work out Visa issues, however I would do it again without a doubt.

Our thanks go to Aussie Pete for sharing his memories with Corrie fans here on the Coronation Street Blog.

Missed earlier parts of our Confessions of a Coronation Street Tour Guide?
Check them out here - Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3 and Day 4

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Tvor said...

I took the tour twice and while we didn't have Aussie Pete as our guide, I can say that the guides we did have were really good and the tours were really worth the money!

Aussie Pete said...

You had Jonny G if I'm right Tvor?

Tvor said...

I don't remember now. There were two different tours so there were two guides.

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