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Saturday 22 July 2017

Corrie weekly update: End of an Era at The Rovers Return

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It’s been an exciting week on Corrie as Bethany’s grooming storyline starts to come to a close. This week saw young Craig bringing corrupt copper Neil to justice.  Craig tapes Neil’s words when Neil tells him that Bethany got what she deserved, her and all the slappers like her. Craig replays the recording to D. C. Leigh and Bethany gives a full statement. There was some amazing acting, especially from Tina O’Brien as Sarah Platt. I rate her as one of the UK’s best actresses. When mum Beth finds out what Craig’s gone and done, she asks if her Craigy is in love with Bethany, which he denies, but we the viewers know there’s something deeper going on in Craig’s heart.

Elsewhere this week, Brian’s appointed chief litter inspector and armed with a loud hailer he berates everyone he can find on the street for dropping litter. When Roy buys a new salt and pepper set and loses the receipt, Brian finds it on the ground and fines Roy. It’s preposterous stuff and shows how ridiculous Brian can be, but there’s one in every town, or at least there is in ours.

Eva continues with her ridiculous fake pregnancy scam and tells Aidan that she can’t work at the sewing machine any more so he promotes her into the office and above Jenny flaming Bradley’s head.  Well, Jenny’s not best pleased, as you can imagine. I’d have much more respect for Eva if she just chucked Aidan out. In fact, this stupid pregnancy storyline is making me dislike Eva a lot and seems out of character for her. Anyway, Adam and Eva work together to further scam Aidan out of cash. Eva just wants revenge on Aidan for cheating with Maria but Adam’s got much bigger things on his mind in the shape of taking Underworld from the Connors.  

Over in the hair salon, Gail tells Audrey that Nick’s sold both of his flats in Victoria Court. Johnny Connor’s bought one of them and the other’s been bought by an investor who already owns property there. Audrey’s dismayed to hear this as it means Nick’s not planning on returning to Weatherfield any time soon.

And finally, this week, it was the end of an era as Liz McDonald left the Rovers Return when newcomers Toyah and Peter took over. Toyah made a good speech, saluting the women of the Rovers from Annie Walker to Bet Lynch through to Vera Duckworth and Liz. What? No mention of St Ella of the Back Room?  Liz asked Toyah if she’d look after a plant in the back yard at the Rovers that she bought when baby Ruari died and Toyah said yes, of course. Making Toyah the custodian of the memory of a lost baby was poignant stuff indeed.

Will Liz survive in her new job at the medical centre where nasty boss Moira (who isn’t a battleaxe as ITV have said – she’s a bully) rules the roost? She’s like a fish out of water so far, is Liz. I hope it won’t be long before she’s back behind the bar where she belongs.
And that’s just about that for this week.
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coconno196 said...

I don't think Moira is bully. She may be humourless but her criticisms of Liz are all valid. In fact it's unlikely Liz would have got the job in the first place.

Jan said...

Michelle is a nasty piece of work these days. Looking forward to her getting in trouble for destroying Leanne's post.

CK said...

This week was so hard for Liz, where was her friend Erica for support? So Peter and Toyah are just taking over just like that? What do they know about the in's and out's of running a pub?

Where's Emily?? said...

What to do with Liz, as all she's ever wanted was the Rovers. Cannot see her sticking it at the med centre and can't wait for her to have it out with Moira.
I too think that the Aiden Eva thing has gone far enough. I said I didn't want her turned into a bunny boiler like Maria. She should just cut her losses and get rid of rubbish like Aiden. Her not being able to work at a machine is ridiculous as well we know. Who would believe that??
What I am interested in is...WHO is the mystery buyer of the second flat of NIcks? Someone who already resides at Victoria Court? Michelle??? Wouldn't that be like her thinking she's scooped the house from Leanne!!
I'm thinking that Peter and Toyah are going to have to ask Liz back to help out with the pub. An alcoholic and a councillor are probably not going to sell a lot of pints. Maybe Leanne will help run it? But first she has to go back and take her rightful job back from the ratty Michelle who's temporarily filling in. Pshaw! She dresses like a witch and acts like one too.

abbyk said...

Where's Emily, I hope you are right on both the Liz and Michelle accounts. Rita managed just fine in the shop after she sold it to Norris, so why couldn't Liz still be working at the pub even if she couldn't own it? As far as Leanne's maternity leave, when is that over? The bistro partnership was dissolved; can that affect her her return status? Leanne and Robert always got along well, and Michelle is, well, horrible. I'm looking forward to Michelle being shattered when Robert says her temp job is over.


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