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Saturday 22 July 2017

Does Craig really love Bethany - Yay or Nay?

Last night in Coronation Street we saw what a star young Craig Tinker really is, if we were ever in doubt.

And as mum Beth quizzed her son about his relationship with Bethany, Craig kept on insisting that they were just good friends. He said that he would have helped out anyone in the same situation, no matter who they had been.

Beth was sure though that Craig has feelings for Bethany and it was clear to us viewers that there is more than just friendship on Craig's mind. But I don't think I want Craig and Bethany to get together. Let them just be friends, true friends that will always look out for each other.

But what do you think? Do you think Craig really loves Bethany? Yay or Nay?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

No, it's a crush but it's to move Neil's storyline forward rather than heralding a new love affair. Beth's planted the seed in viewers' minds that Craig acted out of love for Bethany although he insisted he would have done the same for anyone. We won't be surprised when Neil's barrister claims Craig entrapped Neil because he was infatuated with Bethany. We know Craig didn't plan to record the conversation in the car but the court will hear that Craig meticulously planned it all, provoking Neil into a confession. Neil will still get convicted because Nathan will drag him down, but Craig's career will be in ruins. Temporarily. I haven't written that script in my mind yet(!) but integrity must be rewarded. Whistle blowers will be vindicated and, anyway, there's going to be a police station very close to Craig's house. He and Bethany will be just good friends, and Craig will go on to have a successful career in the police force. Hopefully.

Tvor said...

I think he does but I also think he knows Bethany doesn't see him that way and she's not ready for a relationship anyway. As for Neil, Craig knew the recording wasn't going to be used in court, but I'm hoping Lara will finally come forward and testify in addition to Bethany and Shona.

Anonymous said...

Once life settles down,i hope Bethany and Craig do remain friends and their friendship doesn't go by the wayside like Craig's and Faye's did.
Since he did put his promising career on the line to help Bethany,I also hope the rest of the Platt family especially Gail and Sarah treat both Beth and Craig with more respect in the future.

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon):

agree with anon 18:10--since when does Sarah get to refer to Craig as "dozy Craig from number 5?" Pretty rich coming from the woman who was too dense to realize that the policeman who kept coming by was intimidating her daughter; that her daughter's boyfriend was a pimp; that the person selling her a cheap flat was a con artist; and that her own boyfriend was such a nasty piece of work. But oh yeah, she was too busy tending to her unplanned pregnancy and pulling pints at her part-time job!

As for a romance--hope not--would be great for a friendship but they don't seem that suited as a couple. The artist girl Caitlyn seemed a better fit for Craig. Also that favourite Corrie trope of drop dead gorgeous but flighty and needy girl paired with wonderful, caring, heart of gold but average-looking bloke has been way overdone. Let the average-looking but wonderful girl get the average-looking wonderful guy for once!

Anonymous said...

Given that the lifespan of a Corrie coupling is six months at best, Bethany would cheat on Craig with a better-looking boy. Cue the pregnancy and the who's the daddy storyline. Leave them as friends, people do have friends of the opposite gender in real life.

Maricha said...

Nay, Bethany is a flake and I doubt her recent experiences will make her less shallow or more studious. Craig deserves better than a pretty face with an empty head behind it.

Anonymous said...

Bethany a flake? I don't think she looks like a crumbly chocolate bar whatsoever. Other chocolate bars are also available ��

abbyk said...

Anon 21:13, Bethany is practically the only birth control responsible person on the street; she got an implant several months ago.

Craig was an absolute star on Friday. Since Neil dragged him off unexpectedly, taping the conversation couldn't have been planned. To me it shows initiative. Hopefully it won't be dismissed or used to destroy Craig's career. If I ruled the writers room, I'd have Craig moved from Specials to regular rookie officer and put him on track to make detective. And NO romance with Bethany. She's too broken right now and she needs to get back to school.

Anonymous said...

Were we watching the same рrogramme? I could have sworn Craig said to his mum 'Do you think she's twigged yet?' about him loving Bethany - that was admitting,right? Or did this exрression go over your Canadian heads? Just asking, not reрroaching - no offence

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard him say that to his Mum too. So he does love Bethany. Or maybe thinks he does.


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