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Coronation Street Episode Review - 26th July 2017 

More mid-week musings from your Sheffield-based Corrie connoisseur.

As tonight's episode begins, Gemma is still mithering Chesney to push ahead with his compo claim for his stabbing. Although he recovered extremely quickly, Chesney is nonplussed, however a 'Compo-tastic' Gemma prunes him, and Adam Barlow (Baldwin!) ravishes over the potential compo cash.

Over at The Rovers Return, beardy Barlow is still driving taxis (whatever happened to Chloe?) and Toyah is reeling from another saddening IVF failure. I'm not emotionally bereft, just not emotionally attached to this storyline. With Baby Oliver moving in, it's obvious where this could be heading.

I am not at all convinced with this Bistro drama either but hey, I think this storyline may be warming up.

With the customers cancelling in droves, Robert reaches for the whiskey and begins to drown his sorrows. No sooner is he downing whiskey but soon drowning in debt, as £10k is demanded for our Ches by the scheming Barlow (he is a Baldwin, that lad). Compo-tastic! indeed - Robert flees the scene.

Melodrama at the Bistro wasn't my thing tonight but over at Summer's Grandma's house, we saw Corrie absolutely excels itself as Billy and Todd (aka 'Tilly') finally won her custody. It wasn't before the truth was finally revealed by Drew's father though, and the vile homophobe Geraldine, didn't go down without a fight. Awash with drama, raw nerves and a real acting tour de-force from Billy (Dan Brocklebank), these scenes were incredibly well acted and it seemed fitting. Considering 'Pride month' and the UK's 50th legislative  anniversary, Corrie is once again at the forefront 'flying the flag'; love it.

Back at The Rovers, both Battersby girls are behind the bar (I do like that) but Toyah's harrowing news has been revealed to an anguished Peter. Sad it may be, but I do wonder where the writers are going with this. I also miss Liz behind the bar, and don't get me started on Mad 'Medic' Moira.

As Summer is welcomed over at Tilly's (so proud of Corrie for this), the drama continues at the Bistro.

As Michelle is left alone, she hears a rumbling (cue sinister camera angles and nightmarish tension) 'Chelle discovers R.I.P is splattered in RED paint on the Bistro wall. OOOH! Looks like more drama for Michelle?

I think I'd avoid Nick's Bistro and The Rovers Return tonight, in all honesty. You can't get a pint anywhere, it's all doom and gloom.

That's it! I'm off to the 'Weatherfield Arms'. Speak next week.

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Nina said...

I don't agree the acting tour de force came from Daniel Brocklebank, it came from the actress who played Geraldine.

Cobblestone said...

Disagree. It's easy to play someone vile. Easiest thing in the world to make an audience hate you. Not saying there was anything wrong with the actress who played her - it WAS a strong performance - but in terms of nuance, DB's portrayal of hurt, anger and pity was first class.

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