Sunday, 30 July 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

It's been another cracking week in Coronation Street this week. Time then, to take a fun look at five things we learned in Corrie this week.

1. Toyah's middle name is Laverne. I wonder which Laverne she was named after? I'd like to think it was this one.

2. Tim looked like Oliver as a baby. "Oliver Reed?" Steve asked. "Oliver Hardy!" Tim reply.

3. Colin the tonic delivery man at the Rovers Return is a bit of a dish and Sean's got the hots for him. A new romance for Sean could be good, it'd give him something to other than to pretend he's Bet Lynch, swanning around with "I'm the glue that holds this place together."  No, Sean, you're not.

4. Fred Elliot is gone but not forgotten.  Kirk did a wonderful impersonation of the late butcher this week. I say, he did a fair good impersonation of fat Fred.

5. Every time you lie an angel's wings catch fire. It must be true, because Mary's mother said it all the time.

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Tvor said...

Mary had so many good lines this week! that one about the angels was delivered with superb timing and the Chewbacca one cracked me up!
I knew about Toyah "Laverne", Leanne's middle name is Anneke.
Don't most babies look like Oliver Hardy or Winston Churchill :)

Come Back Emily said...

We also learnt that Dr Gaddas' forename is Susan!

coconno196 said...

But didn't they mix up the Freds? Fred Gee worked at the Rovers many years ago, but I don't remember Fred the butcher having a connection, apart from providing pies and being a frequent customer.

Alistair Williamson said...

Butcher Fred, either on his own or with various partners (including Mike Baldwin at one point), owned the Rovers for about five years c.2001-2006. Ashley inherited upon his death but sold it on soon after.

Anonymous said...

I distinctly remember Fred being Shelley's boss when Charlie Stubbs held her captive in the flat above the pub. I kept thinking at the time why doesn't Fred question why she was never at work.

coconno196 said...

Thanks. My memory clearly isn't as good as I thought. ..

Cobblestone said...

Which makes me hopeful that we'll be seeing more of her. This marks the first time we've ever seen her out of her professional (i.e. consultative) context. And she's just as nice off duty!

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