Friday, 21 July 2017

7 of Coronation Street's most famous lines

News in today is that the tabloids are reporting that Coronation Street may be going to use one of EastEnders' most famous lines.

You can read more on that here.

But what about Coronation Street's most famous lines, what could they be?

Here's my top 5 favourites. Please feel free to add yours into the mix.

1. Flaming Nora!
Jack Duckworth, of course.

2. Did he 'eck as like!
Vera Duckworth.

3. Scotch and a Threat, I say... 
Fred Elliot, asking for his favourite drink in the Rovers Return

4. Oh, Ken!
The much-missed Deirdre Barlow

5. You rotten, cowing tart!
Tracy Barlow to Deirdre

6. Woman, Stanley. Woman!
Hilda, of course, to Stan.

7. You're Norman Bates with a Briefcase!
Gail to Richard Hillman

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boris the spider said...

Deirdre: Tracey-love!

Joel David said...

What's that lipstick taste of our Hilda? "woman Stanley WOMAN".

Tvor said...

My favourite from Bet: It's not a smile, it's a lid on a scream!
Richard Hillman: "You should have stayed at the party, Maxine!"

Sophie Bird said...

I loved it when Liz boasted at the Rovers that "We have an international clientele" Norris retorted "Polish labourers don't count."

Anonymous said...

"Bye heck Lady, I've seen some hard-faced cows in my time, but you take the cake." Rita to Natalie Horrocks.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the late great Alf Roberts, "It will all end in tears" my husband and I still use that expression from time to time!

Ancient corrier said...

Jack called Vera his 'little swamp duck'

Aussie Pete said...

Deirdre : Think of me as Switzerland in glasses

Amy Lee said...

Deirdre: DO something Ken

Amy Lee said...

Raquel: With me, as one door closes another one slams in me face.

Helen B said...

Didn't Norris say something along the lines of "Che Guevara in a pair of carpet slippers" when Emily left for Peru??

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