Thursday, 20 July 2017

Georgia Taylor interview on Toyah in the Rovers Return

Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street, is interviewed this week in Inside Soap magazine. She talks about her character's new job as landlady behind the bar at the Rovers Return - and her dream of having a baby.

Georgia says that Liz McDonald is her favourite Corrie landlady of the Rovers. But could Toyah ever hope to match up that matriach? Well, it remains to be seen.  I'm secretly hoping it won't be long before Liz is back behind the bar where she belongs.

Georgia says that Toyah is still desperate to have a baby and that she genuinely loves Peter. "She believes that they can be a proper family," she says. "I think they have a lot to offer a child."

But could it be Leanne who offers her step-sister a helping hand with the IVF treatment? When Leanne cashes in after receiving a cheque from Nick for her share of the sale of his flat, she offers the money to Toyah to help fund her baby dreams. Will it all come crashing down as a nightmare?

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1 comment:

Tvor said...

Toyah would be better off with a surrogate but Leanne shouldn't be that, she's had trouble getting and staying pregnant in the past, before Oliver. Too risky. Though Eva would likely make a good surrogate. or Sinead.

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