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Monday 24 July 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 24th July


"I've got a really good feeling this time," says Toyah at the top of the show. Blinking flip, Battersby, yer might as well say: "This is going to be the best Christmas Weatherfield has ever seen." Everyone's feeling sad about the changeover from McDonald to Battersby-Barlow, apart from Toyah and Peter, who's celebratory in a jaunty hat. They're also looking forward to the pregnancy test results, but it's not to be - just before the break, Toyah's period starts. She gets more and more stressed at the opening night with multiple orders at the bar, chatting bar staff, Beth's guffawing, and jukebox malfunctions.

Leanne is living the life on Riley in a free flat (according to Gail) but because Nick has sold the flat, the gravy train is about to screech to a halt. Leanne knows nothing about the new Victoria Court tenant wanting to move in, because Michelle ripped up the letter from the solicitor. The upshot is that Leanne and Simon have nowhere to go and Peter offers them a room in the pub. Having a small, adorable baby in her home, even if it is her nephew, doesn't improve Toyah's mood any, but she keeps schtum, not wanting to ruin Peter's big night.

Mary and Norris are through to the next level of the Mr and Mrs competition. They need pics though, so Mary engages Bethany to help her with her make up and hair for fake date photos, one of which is Norris as Luke and Mary as Leia (see above), which'd make them siblings, no? Mary starts to question the ethics of entering the comp and goes down on one knee to propose to Norris, who accepts, albeit reluctantly. Bethany is interrupted by a phone call from the cops to tell her the trial against Nasty Nathan and even Nastier Neil will go ahead, but she will have to give evidence.

Someone else being a bit extra is Daniel who gives the editor of the Weatherfield Gazette a story about the stabbing, which Robert is understandably angry about although not as angry as he is when he finds out that Gemma overheard him saying that both he and Daniel know Rich. She's been entertaining Chesney by threatening to see how many tangerines she can fit in her gob (my guess: six) whilst he convalesces. He and Sinead are feeling the pinch (no sick pay from Prima Doner?) so Michelle, fresh from flyering the factory (?) delivers a card, chocs and a couple of hundred quid from the Bistro. This, according to Gemma, isn't enough and she invites Adam 'round to talk Chesney into suing the Bistro. Things get worse For Robert as although Daniel turns down the chance to get a byline in the paper, Gemma offers to give the editor the scoop on the stabbing.

Fiz has been elbow deep in Tyrone's junk all morning trying to find an antique for her class, which Gina offers to help with by selling her some tat from Taiwan. Looks like Fiz hasn't got an eye after all! Gina is forced to return the money when the fake is revealed.

Summer has sacked off Summer Sunshine Club (it's raining anyway) to visit Todd to talk about the malpractice case. Todd is still pretending to be working on the lawsuit in order to get info on Summer's grandparents, and to keep tabs on the little lady in this Two Men And A Little Lady scenario, but he drops the act when Billy drops by with lattes. Summer accepts that the case is null and void, but persuades the couple to hang out with her for a few more hours. She complains about the strictness of her new guardians: breakfast at set times, an hour of TV a night and three evenings of Bible study per week. We all know where this is going, right?

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Anonymous said...

Norris is Ben Kanobi,right? Not Luke Skywalker

Tvor said...

Surely Nick has to give Leanne more notice to leave the flat? Another example of Weatherfield real estate transactions that are completed in days.

Smiley said...

Yes Obi Wan Kenobi.

Tvor - the notice was torn up by Michelle.

Tashacat said...

Michele did tear up the recorded letter, but surely there would have been viewers for the flat and Leanne would know Nick was selling up, giving her time to find somewhere els. These things don't happen overnight in the real life..

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon):

I was astonished by that too--the flat was sold AND rented without anyone even taking a look at it?! I know the flats will all be a generic design in an upscale building but surely a buyer would check the general condition before purchase? But in general, it seems a lot easier to terminate a tenancy in the U.K. than it is in Canada--luckily for all these stories where people get turfed at a moment's notice!

And what's up with Toyah constantly being dressed in florals? Makes her look older and dowdier than she actually is--but it seems to be her go-to get-up as new landlady. The pix even show a flower bathrobe. Perhaps the producers want to contrast frumpy Toyah the earth mother with all of Peter's usual sultry and/or tarty conquests--but it's going a bit far!

Jan said...

A few months ago Fiz and Tyrone were rationing their beer money, now they are always in the Rovers and Fiz has a spare £40 quid to buy a figurine. I know Tyrone got a second job as a cabbie but he seems to have settled whatever debt he had very quickly and have plenty of spare time.

coconno196 said...

And Leanne got all her, Simon's and Oliver's belongings, furniture etc into one suitcase.

abbyk said...

Unhappy viewer here!

- The flat sale speed was ridiculous. It isn't as if there is a beach, major employer (1000+ workers) or a mass transit hub in the neighborhood. And the only contact we saw was the torn up letter -- if Nick had sent a text, email or phone call, there'd be a log of it on Leanne's phone; there was no a pile of uncollected mail in the letter box, either. Dramatics! With a 6th ep, we might have seen Leanne at home, exhausted from single motherhood, not coping. Worrying about going back to work, esp with Michelle sniffing around. instead we got plotting real and faked pregnancies with her sisters. And surely David would have said something to her, they get along. It would have been a slow story, but one that made sense.

- I thought Fiz was taking a massage course so she could earn extra money. Kim teaches antiques in the same building but a working class mom with two little ones and a moonlighting partner wouldn't have time or money for both.

- where did Michelle get £200? Then,
as she's a business genius, why didn't she realize that a cash gift might be an admission of guilt? Gemma stuffing her mouth with chocolates was just gross.

I did like Kirk channeling Fred Elliot, Steve's mastery of the machines, and Mary's proposal. If he can stay sober, Peter will be great behind the bar. Toyah, hmmm.


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