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Monday 24 July 2017

Top 3 Best Actors in Coronation Street

We've asked before on the Coronation Street Blog for fans to name their favourite characters. But who are your favourite ACTORS? Which of the cast do you think can act their socks off and leave the others standing.

All we want to know is who you would choose, if pressed to name the three actors in the cast who you feel are the best at their game.

For me, it would be the three in the picture above.

Tina O'Brien as Sarah Platt never fails to impress me with her timing and emotion. She's always believable.

David Neilson as Roy Cropper, well, he's just sublime. Always has been, always will be.

And Richard Hawley, as Johnny Connor, is very believable too. With some of the cast you get the feeling that they're acting, they're saying the lines, going through the motions. I never get that from Richard Hawley and fully believe in what he's doing with the character of Johnny.

I have many more favourites, of course, but it's a good exercise to focus the mind and pick your top three.  Who would you choose?

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Diane said...

When Sarah goes into angry mode her acting skill drops considerably. She just gets loud and leans forward pointing her finger. Enough. We get it. You're mad. Now shut it. I just don't like Sarah. I think she dropped the ball as a parent and usually just starts to cry/moan and make it all about her. Can we ship her back to Milan?

Alistair Geddes said...

For me, the wonderful Eileen Derbyshire is the most fantastic actor. Her face alone can display far more than any line of dialogue. I do hope she comes back soon.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada:

I utterly loathe Sarah Platt and was really disappointed when she came back to the Street, but I think Tina O'Brien is a terrific actress. I've seen her in a couple of other shows and thought she was great.

I also think Rob Mallard does a really good job.

Ruth owen said...

For me, Jack P Shepherd as David is top of the tree, followed by Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow, then Patti Clare as Mary Taylor. These 3 always convince - brilliant, just brilliant.

boris the spider said...

No doubt about it, the best actor is Jack P. Shepherd (David).
Followed by Beverley Callard (Liz) and Joe Duttine (Tim).

Anonymous said...

I also wish that Sarah and Bethany would go back to Milan.
Fully aware of David's feelings about Shona,I didn't like how Sarah chose the anniversary of Kylie's death to get Shona to come back to the Street to 'help' Bethany with that little smirk on her face seeing how upset David is.
Sarah could have waited a day or two or at least talk to David but no she took advantage of Bethany's situation to rile David even more and that's all she's done since her return cause trouble for David,first with Callum,then with Gary telling him the truth about the crash and David's inheritance which David was forced to give to Anna.
Sarah has shown little maturity since her return and resorts to tantrums like she did to the police when they were informed Nathan was released.I understanf her anger but that was down to Bethany not telling the whole truth.

Zagg said...

I am also in the Sarah-Bethany Back to Milan camp. I find both of their characters just frustrating and the acting range, lacking. Sarah, Bethany and Michelle all fall into the same category for me, which is I'd be very happy to see them go.
My favorite actors on the show would be David Neilson (Roy), Patti Claire (Mary) and Jack P. Shepherd (David). For me they show the most range and really have created a believable character, not relying on a schtick like arm folding or eye rolling.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The test for me is whether the actor has made something of a character that a lesser actor couldn't manage. My top three would be: Chris Gascoyne; David Neilson; Jane Danson. It's a shame Jane Danson hasn't been given decent scripts recently because she's excellent with proper material.

Anonymous said...

I also wish Sarah and Bethany would go back to Milan. I cannot stand either one of them. Sarah is a terrible mother more concerned about her love life than the welfare of her children.

Tvor said...

Very difficult to narrow it down for me. Tina O'Brien is much better than she used to be but not one of my top three so I'd disagree there. Chris Gascoyne, David Neilson, and Jane Danson are all at the top, as is Patti Clare and Jack P. Shephard. Lucy Fallon, the young man that plays Daniel whose name escapes me at the moment are both rising up fast and another of my favourites is Sue Nichols

Rebecca said...

I agree with those who wish Sarah and Bethany would go back to Milan. Maybe I'll set up a Go Fund Me account for their return tickets. I think David Neilson and Patti Clare are great no matter what they're given. I'm having trouble deciding between Rob Mallard, Chris Gascoyne, and Joe Duttine for my third. I think all 3 are great!

Anonymous said...

I have never liked Sarah so I wish she would just leave. My favourites (sorry, I can never remember the actor's names) are David, Mary and Peter.

I would also be very happy if Michelle got hit by a bus.

Unknown said...

For me it's Chris Gascoyne, Kate Ford, and Richard Hawley. I wish I could pick more. It's hard to pick only 3!

bluegardenia said...

I never liked the whole Sarah/Bethany combo. My favourite actors are:

1] David Neilson [Roy]
2] Simon Gregson [Steve]
3] Patti Claire [Mary]

please please get rid of Maria, Sarah, Brian, Cathy, Gina just for starters!

Cobblestone said...

In no particular order, Jane Danson, Chris Gasgoine, Jack P Shepherd, Joe Duttine & David Neilson. I'd also want to make special mention of Sue Nichols (hasn't had a meaty story in ages but she is always utterly believeable) and Rob Mallard, who has astounding presence, has already hugely impressed this year and will, I'm certain, go on to great things.

Anonymous said...

top 3 actors are

Simon Gregson
David Nielson
Jack P Shepherd

Richard Hawley is a good shout after those 3.

Tina O'Brien wouldn't get near my list of top 3 actresses.

njblas said...

I agree with most of those named, but am surprised Mikey North as Gary Windass hasn't been mentioned. Come to think of it though, he hasn't exactly been given the most challenging of material to work with in recent years...

Flo said...

Jack P. Shepherd is so good at everything he does, from going off the rails to his witty comments. He is definitely a favorite. Jane Danson is another fave, no one cries as good as she does, and her character has had a wide range of experiences and she's been great in all of them. I was not a fan of Lucy Fallon when they first introduced her character, but I've been amazed at how well she handled such a tough storyline. I think she's an actress to be watched should she ever leave.

Louby said...

David Neilson definitely, but I'm not a Sarah fan either. Beverley Callard, Rob Mallard and the actress who plays Yasmeen also top my list.

Laura said...

Easily Jack P. Shepard, David Neilson and Chris Gascoyne, but Jane Danson, Simon Gregson and Patti Clare are close to them. What a wonderful post - it's made me realize how many great actors and actresses are on the show at the moment. :)

popcorn said...

David Neilson, Chris Gascoyne,Jane Danson and Jack P. Shepherd, with special mention to newcomers Rob Mallard and Lucy Fallon.

Anonymous said...

Fat Brenda, David the dog and Eva's cat - the rest can go! Storylines might be a little strange though ;)


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