Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Corrie fans launch petition to get Liz back in Rovers Return

Coronation Street fan Sarah Cade has launched an online petition to get Liz McDonald back where she rightfully belongs - behind the bar at the Rovers Return.

The petition is at and this is what Sarah says: "Liz left the Rovers last night in Coronation Street. It's the end of an era and a massive mistake losing such a key character, who is iconic, from the nation's favourite pub.  Liz is an iconic character who links with Corrie icons such as Bet, Alec , Vera and Jack. She should be where she belongs behind the bar of the Rovers!"

The petition will be delivered to: Coronation Street Producers at ITV.

If you'd like to sign it, it's here

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njblas said...

I wouldn't be too worried. I'm confident Liz will soon be back behind the bar working for Peter and Toyah, even though she says 'no thanks' at first. She is too much a natural fit for the Rovers to be left languishing at the Medical Centre, where it's being made very clear she's like a fish out of water.

joanne taylor said...

Here's my thoughts.....peter and toyah can't manage the running of the bar so they stay owners but employ Liz to manage the place.

Beth said...

I'm not sure I think I know what the PTB are thinking. Toyah is not Landlady material in her flowery dresses and non personality ways. The old Toyah maybe. But the new Toyah - nope. Toyah and Peter don't even match as a couple. It's odd. I don't like that the McD's have left the Rovers and if they really had to for such an odd pairing, it's ridiculous. Such a central role with such a blah couple.

C in Canada said...

Liz will be back eventually. Either working for Peter and Toyah, or once Peter drinks all the inventory and they go bust, Liz will scoop the pub back up.

Anonymous said...

I agree Beth, WHY on earth is Toyah behind the bar? I wish the Producer/writer would see the fan's frustrations. Nobody likes new Toyah, her scenes are dreadful so why put her at the front? I am very sick of baby baby baby, is that really why Georgia came back? Give me a break!

Where's Emily?? said...

Ridiculous, a petition. Dear Lord give me strength.

My favourite all time program, but get a grip you can't tell the writers how to write. There is a sight that people can go to where they rewrite Corrie the way they would like it to be written.
Carla's thirteen year old daughter turned up on it one time!

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