Friday, 28 July 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 28 July

Toyah tells Leanne that she’s got an appointment with her IVF consultant. Gail summons Leanne to No.8 and begrudgingly hands her a cheque from Nick for £25k as a gift from the sale of the flat. Leanne’s stunned, and showing her cheque to Peter, insists she wants to fund their IVF.
ROBERT MAKES A SHOCKING DISCOVERY Michelle scrubs the graffiti off the wall while Phelan fits new locks to the bistro door. Robert returns home and apologises to Michelle explaining how he hit the casino, got drunk, was mugged in town and then spent the night in a police cell. As Robert and Michelle approach the bistro, they’re horrified to see a youth hurling a Molotov cocktail at the door.  As the door is engulfed in flames, Robert chases after the youth leaving Michelle frightened.
BATTLE LINES ARE DRAWN BETWEEN SUMMER AND AMY Tracy arrives with Amy in tow. Pointing out that they’re the same age, Tracy suggests Summer and Amy should hang out together. Before they can object, Tracy swans out. Summer’s unimpressed.
ELSEWHERE Gina opens her post to discover a stack of unpaid bills. Oblivious to Gina’s financial worries, Sophie reminds her about the money she owes her. When Gina’s awarded a bonus at work for being the most productive factory girl, Sophie congratulates her whilst Gina shifts uncomfortably. Moira reprimands Liz for gossiping with Dr Gaddas when she should be working. Liz offers Moira some advice but Moira’s quick to put her down telling her to stick to answering the phone. Liz fumes.

ROBERT AND MICHELLE REALISE THEY’RE BEING TARGETED Robert returns out of breath, angry that he lost sight of their assailant. Michelle wonders if the mugging and the vandalism to the bistro are linked. Robert and Michelle report it to the police and suggest that Rich is behind all the incidents.
ELSEWHERE Steve calls in the Rovers and asks Peter if he’ll give Liz some shifts behind the bar as she hates her new job. Will Peter agree? Peter reluctantly agrees but when he suggests it to Liz she declines his offer, realising that it’s Steve’s idea. Sophie corners Gina and demands the money she owes her. Gina reluctantly hands over the cash.

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Linda Shockley said...

Leanne is throwing good money after bad. How many attempts has Toyah made so far to get & stay pregnant?

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. Single mother with small baby GIVING away that kind of money! Leanne is not thinking at all here. Foolish decision.

Zagg said...

Seriously, who is writing this tripe? Leanne, with 2 kids, hasn't even got a real place to live and she's going to hand over thousands of pounds for Peter and Toyah's IVF? Jeez, Peter is FIFTY, scrambling for money for yet another kid he can't support emotionally or financially. If he hasn't got his s**t together by now, when will he?
This storyline just makes me angry. Toyah has been nothing but baby, baby, baby since she came back to the show. She cleaned out her husband spending money on IVF and now what? She'll bankrupt Peter and Leanne in the quest for an elusive child? She really is a pointless character.

Flo said...

I'm another one who is not only tiring of this storyline, but I hate the way it has been handled. Since this hasn't worked and apparently isn't going to, why can't they go another route now, like adoption? And I agree that it seems a bit absurd that Leanne, who now how no place to live, would just hand over that kind of money. The writers have forgotten that these are supposed to be working class people, not the uber rich.

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