Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Steve propose to Leanne

Oh dear!  Next week’s Coronation Street will see Steve and Leanne playing happy families.  When Leanne explains that it’s not working out at the Rovers for her and Oliver, Steve suggests that she and Oliver move in with him so they can share child minding duties.

The pair of them start to enjoy being together and being doting parents and having observed how well Steve and Leanne are getting on, Liz wonders if they’ve a future together.

It’s an idea that Steve takes to heart and he asks Leanne to marry him.  Could – and should - Leanne become the next Mrs McDonald? What do you say, Corrie fans?

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amanda50 said...

I've always thought Steve and Leanne would make a good couple, so I'd love to see it happen.Somehow I don't think it will though, certainly not if they only get together to share parenting.There needs to be a spark there, a bit of simmering passion, and sadly I don't see any of that.I live in hope though!

abbyk said...

They are friends. Good friends but there is no spark there right now. Maybe, over time (more than 5 weeks, please) a respectful relationship could develop. It would be weird for Amy. As she is Steve's daughter and Simon's first cousin, Leanne would be her a stepmom/auntie. Oi!

Other than that, they could be good for each other. Steve is dumb but usually good intentioned, Leanne is organized and gets things done. And super talented Jane Danson hasn't had a decent story in ages -- instead of the excitement of a very long hoped for pregnancy and a baby of her own (at which she would have been brilliant), we were saddled with a ridiculous 40 something version of Who's Your Daddy where both Steve and Nick were acting like 12 year olds, and Peter had to straighten them out. Blech!!

Erik Stone said...

If Steve & Leanne get married for romance, Leanne will be welcomed to the McDonald family clan.

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