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Monday 24 July 2017

Eva Price and the Fake Baby story

I love Eva Price.

I think she's a Coronation Street icon of our time.

I love her outfits too. Check out 9 of her fabulous frocks.

But I'm not enjoying the fake baby storyline, not one little bit - and here's why...

Motherhood in soaps is a drama in itself. There are good mums and surrogate mums (Rita Sullivan, Hayley Cropper), bad mums (Cilla Battersby), secret mums and mums who turn up with a dodgy accent and take over the Rovers Return (Stella Price).

And then there are those who pretend that they're going to be mums - and I'm looking at you, Eva Price.

In her attempt to get revenge on Aidan Connor for his cheating ways with Miss Maria, Eva is pretending she's pregnant in an attempt to hang on to her man.

This isn't the Eva I know. This isn't the Eva I want. This isn't what a strong woman does. Chuck him out, for gawd's sake. Rip his fancy shirts to bits and cut up his suits. Stitch up the holes in his underpants on a spare sewing machine in the faktry. Whatever you do, DO something!  Don't pretend to be pregnant, that's a stupid thing to do.  It's the most stupid thing in the world to do.

Aidan's cheated on you, Eva, he couldn't give a toss. He's a liar, a player, who thinks with his crotch. SAnd you know all about it. You know the truth. So why not leave him and move in with Leanne? But whatever you do, do something, anything, other than pretend.

Rant over. I'll get me coat.

Glenda Young @flaming_nora

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C in Canada said...

I didn't get that she's pretending to be preggers to 'hang onto her man'. She's pretending so that she can bleed him dry of everything he's worth, to make him pay in the worst way, for what he's done. That goes for Maria too - the look on Maria's face when Eva 'blabbed' to Maria about the baby was pure shock and hurt, and that's what Eva's going for. - to make them hurt.

Anonymous said...

As the story progresses, the lies keep growing. Adam threw in a line that Johnny wouldn't have to suffer financially because Eva could return any money to him that he'd lost. But now Adam is leveraging this into gaining the factory. Sure, Aidan is a cheat and liar, but Eva is now a partner to emotionally and financially destroying the entire Connor family. Of course she wants revenge, but I think it's willingly (or unwillingly) turning her into a monster. In the furure, if an outside observer learns Eva caused the Connor's destruction, any future boyfriend should view her as a psychopath, rather than marriage material.

Tina said...

I agree with C in Canada. She is pretending to be pregnant so she can bleed him dry, also to hurt him the way he has hurt her. The problem I have with this storyline is that it is moving far too slowly and I am starting to actually feel sorry for Aidan now, At the beginning of this storyline I was looking forward to Ava getting her revenge. I was hoping for more of what we saw when Nick dumped her years ago. I am also hoping that she has not forgotten Maria's role in all this. She needs punishing too.

Unknown said...

When it. Ones out that Eva is not pregnant, she may bleed Aiden dry, but she may also lose some friends in the process.

Anonymous said...

Well, she was going to tell Aidan the truth, but Leanne talked her out of it...from what I remember anyway..after the dinner with Aidan and Maria.

JennyMac said...

She is actually a strong character, and reminds me a bit of Raquel, in the old days. It is time the writers made more of her character, she can do comedy and tragedy, and is kind hearted at the core.
Love the Aiden storyline she deserves to get revenge. Go Eva.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can't see how Eva can get out of this with any dignity if she tells the truth. Assuming she and Aiden are still in a full relationship, one way the story could go is that Eva actually becomes pregnant. She then has to deal with whether she keeps the baby of a scoundrel and/or the scoundrel himself. Additionally, how does she explain a twelve (?) month pregnancy?

Anonymous said...

I understand the temptation that Eva has to get revenge on Aidan. However can she not just throw a pint in his face in the Rovers (and Maria's too), and be done with it? And then move on with her life? She is, as others here have alluded to, going down a dangerous path of falsehood upon falsehood, not to mention potential criminal actions. She is thinking only of herself (understandable to a point, when you have been personally hurt), and not considering what Adam conning his way into the factory could mean to the other factory workers. Not to mention - and this is the biggest thing - that her reputation will be in tatters when this all comes out. I'd like better for Eva. No man (or woman) is worth making a mockery of yourself. It'll be a shame if she continues down this path.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):
If Eva had just driven off in triumph in her Barbie pink jeep, after pillaging Aiden's credit card, everyone would have cheered. Serves the two timer right! But now the revenge is starting to look too vindictive, cold-blooded, and criminal, and she's starting to look really vicious. Though I guess that's the point of the story line--she's being dragged into the deceit deeper than she meant and it's changing her for the worse.

In some ways, too, I felt Eva sort of caused her own problems by being too desperate to be married and settled down. Aiden is a slime bucket (of course) for stringing along two women, but Eva pursued him pretty relentlessly when he was sending her pretty clear signals that he didn't want a serious relationship--first he repeatedly indicated that he didn't want them to move in together and second he made it very clear he didn't want marriage--until Eva very publically cornered him in the Rovers and proposed.

Tvor said...

Eva has always barged into her relationships way faster than the fella was comfortable with. When we first met her, she was recovering from an engagement that went wrong with an unfaithful man. There was another one to who was unfaithful I think, when she was in France (Actress on mat leave). Seems to me this is the last straw where unfaithful men are concerned. I agree with some of the others. It wasn't to hang on to Aidan, it was to get as much out of him as she could before publically outing him as a love rat. But I hope she plans to lay some of that vindictiveness on Maria, too. It takes two and Maria's pretty much getting off scot free here on the revenge side of things.

Abercrombie said...

Maria is such a total drip, Eva could make mincemeat of her. C'mon Eva,treat them both the same and be done.

Eryn said...

Okay I agree with all above who've commented that Eva's lying to bleed Aidan dry. I also agree that it's going on a bit too long as a storyline. I like the idea above of Eva actually becoming's one...she sleeps with Adam and becomes pregnant with his child...she then agrees to give the child to Toyah and Peter...when the child is born she can't go through with it and wants to keep the baby! Then we'd have a good storyline! I also think Adam and Eva should be the next power couple on the cobbles!
I certainly don't want Michelle and Robert to have any great storylines as a power couple!
I love the idea of Steve and Leanne being married. As I hope this marriage would last for many years and give us lots of fun to watch.


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