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Monday 31 July 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 31st July

It's the end of July, but there's no end in sight yet for the Michelle/Robert/Rich storyline. The latter has an alibi for the vandalism and firebomb attack, which makes Michelle anxious. "Luckily I've got you her to protect me", she says to her beau. Famous last words, 'Chelle. Robert has other things to worry about, namely a breakfast meeting with Adam and Ches about compensation for the stabbing. Chesney's happy with Robert's £5K offer, Adam's not, and Robert's skint. Doesn't the Bistro have public liability insurance? Michelle again offers her dosh from the share of the pub, but Robert's still not interested. It's looking less like keeping Michelle's interfering mitts off the business and more like male pride. He takes money from the till and takes off to the casino. Robert! Remember what happened last time you went a-gambling! Michelle runs after Robert, but doesn't manage to persuade him to quit the roulette wheel. Luckily, he wins and pays Ches his compo. Cilla would be proud. But Robert's troubles aren't over yet as Michelle's car window gets smashed and he has to pay Luke £400 to go to Liverpool to get a new window to keep the break-in from his girlfriend. "Maybe everything's gonna be ok," says the oblivious Michelle. Maybe these are her famous last words.

Michelle, meanwhile, gives Maria permission to swipe right on (her ex) Will. Such a munificent woman, Michelle. They meet at the Rovers, all the better for Aidan to watch over them.

Michelle also trains up Erica for her first day on shift at the Bistro. Erica's intensely irritated by Dev (aren't we all, chuck) turning up to peer at her across the tables. Erica meanwhile is peering at (and flirting with) Zeedan in a rather icky way.

Eva's not impressed with Toyah asking Leanne to move out and says she and Baby Oliver can move in with her and Aidan. Leanne gets a better offer though: Steve asks her to move in with him to share childcare, whilst poor old Liz is kicked out to Dev and Erica's, although Erica is quite pleased to have a buffer between her and Dev. Dev has other things on his mind, as he gets an offer for the gym, an offer that involves screwing over Kevin's sale of the second garage, which pleases Ms Holroyd and she puts off dumping Dev for a second time.

Adam tells Eva she needs to get hold of the hard drive from Aidan's computer. Why not just upload everything to the cloud, or copy it onto a USB stick? Mind you, Eva's strength is Extreme Vengeance rather than IT. And what was that wistful look Adam gave Eva as she stalked off? Does someone have a little crush?

In minor storyline news, Billy and Todd are worried about Summer's grieving, as she locks herself in her room, Craig has a meeting with his seniors, but keeps his job with the police, and Alya and Luke continue to flirt over risotto, in a Man About The House kind of way.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle is really full of herself! She gives Maria 'permission' to date Will while supposedly in love with Robert?!
What next Steve will need her blessing to date someone else?
What is the point of Michelle?
On a lighter note,I'm glad Craig is still a copper.

Come Back Emily said...

Did you not notice poor Rita?
I (and many others) think she may have dementia.
It will be awful if she does.

Tilly Flop said...

I did and it kinda freaked me. Really wasn't expecting that. I also thought Erica flirting with Zee a bit cringe, even if she was just taking the mick

Ancient corrier said...

Poor Rita indeed. She's 85, is she about to retire at last?

boris the spider said...

Michelle could write a book "Emasculation Made Easy". She did it to Steve, now she's starting on Robert.

maggie muggins said...

I figured out why, though Robert is handsome, he's not attractive. He has no sense of humour whatsoever!

Are we to be subjected to Corrie production staff's iPod shuffle collection every episode now? I'm finding it very invasive.

And cheers for Craig!

Jay said...

Not at all interested in Summer, fast forwarding those scenes already.

Jan said...

Yet again person/ people meet solicitor to discuss a private matter in a public place. Adam's office is round the corner so would make sense to meet there.

Nina said...

I don't what it is but I find Will really creepy.

Tilly Flop said...

Give the girl a chance


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