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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 26 July

CRACKS OPEN UP BETWEEN ROBERT AND MICHELLE Robert’s worried as table after table cancel their bistro bookings. Daniel shows Robert the article in the Gazette. Robert’s furious but Daniel assures him it wasn’t his doing. When Chesney admits that since the stabbing he feels vulnerable, Adam does his best to convince him that he deserves proper compensation. Adam calls in the bistro and tells Robert that Chesney will settle for £10k. Robert’s seething and after a row with Michelle, he storms off. Alone in the bistro, Michelle tackles some paperwork. Upon hearing noises, she goes to investigate. Michelle’s horrified to discover someone has written ‘RIP’ in spray paint on the wall.
When Peter reminds Toyah that today’s the day to do the pregnancy test, Toyah’s evasive. What is it she fears?
IS LIFE ABOUT TO CHANGE FOR BILLY AND TODD? Billy and Todd pay Drew’s parents a visit and beg them to do what’s best for Summer. Geraldine makes homophobic and spiteful remarks. She’s furious when Angus reveals a legal document stating that Drew intended Billy to have guardianship of Summer. Angus tells Summer she must choose between them. What will Summer decide?
ELSEWHERE Eileen calls in the medical centre to find a subdued Liz on reception. Liz explains how Moira’s making her life a misery.

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Cobblestone said...

Rather than trying to play Moira for rather unrealistic comedy, why not a serious story about workplace bullying? A good meaty thread for Bev Callard to get her chops into.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that idea Cobblestone!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the name of the detective in Monday's eрisode? DC Lee - made me think of the singer from Wham and the Style Council (Dee Cee Lee) :)

Where's Emily?? said...

Why does everyone assume that Moira is being used for her comedic value? So far there hasn't been anything funny happening there. Just showing how ill suited Liz is to be anything other than a bartender or maybe a bookie again. She's too wild for the clinic and used to being her own boss. Perhaps there is no comedy intended in the first place??

Anonymous said...

But Liz is no fool and the way the writers have her incapable of manning the reception is just plain ridiculous. This is a woman who ran her own business and this means, computers and paperwork. Give Liz a break and stop making her so incompetent.

Anonymous said...

What an unfair position to put Summer in, to choose who to live with, when the choice is down to her grandparents (who obviously didn't approve of her father) or virtual strangers. None of this story makes sense and is utterly contrived just to throw another homophobic slant on Billy and Todd's same-sex relationship. In reality, the grandparents should be concerned about Billy and Todd's guardianship because they don't know Summer from a hole in the ground and the grandparents have no idea what kind of parenting skills either Billy or Todd have. This story should be about who is suitable to care for this young girl and what her thoughts are on the two options, not about the same tired homophobic slant.

Zagg said...

I agree that the Todd/Billy/Summer story is so contrived it is ridiculous. What grandparents would want to hand over their grandchild to strangers? And really,their beliefs are neither here nor there. If you take a child from someone just because they do not share the same belief system, most of the world would not qualify to have kids. It's not against the law to be stupid, strict or have a religious belief that doesn't match the current liberal trend. It seems allowances are made for this a lot now with certain groups.
This whole storyline is poorly written just for the gay discrimination spin, which of course does exist, but this is just done badly.

Catsmom said...

This storyline of Liz trying to be a receptionist finally clarified what's been missing in Corrie: any proof that the person hired for a job is actually qualified to do the job. This show just shuffles people in & out of any job that seems convenient.


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