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Thursday 20 July 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review, Wednesday July 19th

It's that time of the week already! Another Wednesday wander down Weatherfield way- its time for my hump day review.

The action begins in Roy's Rolls, and Adam and Eva begin their plan to bring Aidan down, and at all costs. Eva's legendary giggle at a bemused Roy is one of those great Corrie subtle moments. The subtlety is suddenly diminished however, when Eva steals Aidan's financial paperwork (online banking, anyone?).

Over at the builders yard, Phelan makes amends with young Seb, and that scouse charm is layered even thicker when a suddenly interested Nicola (Phelan's potential heir apparent) returns to the fold and wishes to reside to The Rovers, for a 'getting to know you session'.

Back at Roy's Rolls, David and Sarah are pondering the disastrous attempt at nailing nefarious Nathan as Bethany storms in. After an impassioned plea, a broken Bethany departs, more aloof than ever.

Down at the pub, at the 'getting to know you session' we delve deeper into Phelan's scouse psyche. Phelan admits to having an 'affinity with wolves', an affinity that is prophetic, to say the least. The shared affinity being young Seb, who has informed Nicola that Phelan is dying, no chance  of that, definitely not our Phelan's style.

Meanwhile Eva's soliloquy to her cat (after stealing Aidan's financial papers) is notable. Eva's underlined feeling of revenge (although heavily laden) has Adan Barlow (or should we say Baldwin) salivating for the factory. I imagine Corrie's newest legal firm would have fun, with such a predicament.

With a predictable comedy 'break' in tonight's wonderfully drama-packed episode, blundering Brian continues on his bizarre 'Keep Britain Tidy' farce. I much prefer my comedy storylines from Norris, if I am honest. 

Outside the chip shop (no sign of Brian for the newspaper wrapping), a sudden dawn of realisation has shone on Bethany, counselling may well be a turning point. As Craig listen's tentatively and remains her true confidante, I feel a new romance may bloom?

And romance, is the final theme of tonight's episode. the 'bezzy mates' of the builders yard flat have all had a bevvy and the 'ménage à trois' becomes a comfortable twosome. I can see Luke and Ayla as a romance?

The true romance in tonight's episode though, is Adam 'Mike Baldwin' Barlow and his chance to finally get his hands on his true love.. his heir apparent, the factory. 

More from me, next week.

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coconno196 said...

Oh please, no romance between Craig and Bethan. Enough of the pairings-off already, let Craig just be a supportive friend.

Laura said...

Agree - Craig's friendship with Faye is great, and it's working with Bethany too. Not all close relationships have to be romantic.

Tilly Flop said...

I agree too. Please no relationship. When I was younger I'd love to have had a mate like Craig. Hopefully tptb will let Craig concentrate on his career for a while and then possibly have a relationship with a WPC maybe?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Definitely no romance; it would only lead to Bethany getting pregnant. I'd like to see Craig with a girlfriend at some point, maybe a police cadet he meets on a volunteering weekend.

Sometimes, Craig is referred to as a special constable which is voluntary and only offers expenses. Other times, he's a trainee police officer and I thought he was also still at college. Maybe they should have made him a police community support officer (PCSO).

As for Phelan, Nicola is supposed to make Phelan more human. Too late, not a bit interested. He, Eileen, Seb and Nicola can all leave and I bet not many people would be bothered.

Anonymous said...

Jeanine in Atlanta......
I hope that ITV reads your reviews and realizes how much more interesting the previews would be with your embellishing remarks. Such a joy to read - maybe they will take notice and decide to jazz up their boring worded previews.

Where's Emily?? said...

I can't see Eva carrying on with this factory malarkey, it's just not her style, she isn't that mean.
Ah, the Craig/Bethany romance. Naw. Wouldn't work, simply because we'd always be wondering if it was a true romance or whether Bethany was grateful. I think she'll probably have some real relationship issues in the future due to her past with Nathan. Besides, Craig's a fantastic best mate.


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