Saturday, 22 July 2017

Mystery of Nick's two flats in Victoria Court

Nick sold both of his flats this week.

Wait. What?

Since when did Nick Tilsley own *two* flats in Victoria Court? I remember he moved in and was renting the one Dev owned and the other one was Carla's. Johnny was definitely renting hers, I remember him saying he was moving into "Carla's" flat.

Did Nick buy it off her to help her financially? When did he buy Dev's flat? I want to know if I missed something and I'm sitting here grumbling for nothing or if all this was behind the scenes, never mentioned, or if the writers just plain forgot.

By @Tvordlj

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Noah Philpott said...

I had the same thought as you. I was quite confused.
I don't think Dev ever owned 8 Victoria Court (Nick's flat), he owned 9 Victoria Court (Robert's flat). I think you confused the two.
I presume Nick bought Carla's flat after she moved to Devon and has now sold it to Johnny. However, I don't think this was ever mentioned.
I think the writers got confused themselves and what we should know is Johnny owns his flat and someone off-screen owns Nick's flat.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I\m also confused as I also thought Nick owned one flat and Carla moved in with him selling her flat to Johnny.
If Nick owned two flats,then why didn't sell one to his sister when Sarah received a windfall from her shares in their Uncle's company instead of her losing her money to Phelan in the flat scams?
That would've made sense I guess.

Tilly Flop said...

Yeah, it would have made total sense, but wouldn't have helped with the phelan storyline

Anonymous said...

Jeanine in Atlanta,
while we are on the subject of flats, didn't Peter promise the rent from the bookies & the flat above to Leanne to help with Simon's expenses? Now that he has sold them both and used the money to buy the pub, what about Simon? And if we are to believe that Leanne uses the $25,000. from Nick on the sale of the Victoria Court flat to pay for the IVF for Toyah, where is she going to make any other money to support herself & Oliver? All a bit hard to fathom.

Tvor said...

Leanne's on maternity leave with benefits, one would assume and should get her manager's job back at the Bistro if she and Michelle don't tear each other's hair out first.

Corrie fan said...

Hello Nick had his flat which is 8 Victoria court and then moved in to Carla's when they got together and left his flat for Sarah and Bethany to live in and then when he split from Carla he rented out her flat to Johnny therefore he does not own the flat which is 12 Victoria court.
Then when nick got back together with Leanne he moved into his flat with her and then when they broke up he sold it and give her 25000 quid.

By the way 9 Victoria court was devs and then rob moved in and then Robert and mischelle .

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