Saturday, 22 July 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

It's been another busy week in Coronation Street this week. Time then, to look back at 5 things we learned that we didn't know this time last week in Weatherfield.

1. Adam Barlow's aftershave

"Could you and your aftershave do one?" Johnny Connor asked Adam when he was in the factory office. Much was made of Adam's aromatic aftershave and the fact he was wearing far too much of it, as those types like to do. It was an interesting point though - for else how do we know what the characters smell like? We see them, we hear them, we can usually guess their emotions from what they say, or keep to themselves. But we don't know what they smell like. And perhaps for that we should remain grateful, who knows?

2. Roy serves an unlikely sandwich

£4.95 for a Brie and Rocket sandwich might be the thing at the Bistro, but in Roy's Rolls?  And it isn't the price that's the shocker, here, it's the filling itself.  Brie and Rocket?  In Roy's?  I don't think so.

3. Beth's fried eggs are evil

Poor Kirky, he damaged his tooth eating one of Beth's fried eggs. What on earth is she frying them in?

4. Liz is a legend

Okay, so we may have already know that Liz is a legend but what a send-off she got in the Rovers Return as she handed over her beloved pub to Toyah and Peter. An alcoholic in charge of the pub? What would Blanche say? What could possibly go wrong?

5. Garlic bread is the snack of all faiths

Good old Eileen, at least she made an effort. Putting on a Jewish tea feast for Nicola Rubinstein who came calling with a DNA test for Patrick.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought the Jewish tea feast was handled very well. Just the right amount of comedy from Eileen and Todd. We wondered on this site why the name 'Rubinstein' had been chosen for the new character. We soon realised it was only to make sure Phelan recognised the name and I'm glad her heritage had no bearing on the storyline. So now we know: garlic bread is the snack for all faiths.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect but I believe the term you should use to describe Peter is
"Recovering Alcoholic". As he will always be an alcoholic but he is not drinking. I should know I have two "Recovering Alcoholics" in my family who have been though hell but are now doing remarkably well and we are incredibly proud of them!

Zagg said...

Funny, whenever someone disrespect or no offense, it's usually followed by exactly the opposite and quite unnecessary.

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