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Monday 31 July 2017

Spoiler Alert: Bethany's Ordeal Takes a Nasty Twist

Pic: The Sun

Think Bethany Platt's grooming ordeal was over? Think again.

It's rare that I say there are 'shock pictures' in the tabloids, but I can't think of any other phrase to use for what I've seen today. I honestly thought the storyline was going to be finished soon, with Nathan up in court and on his way to jail.

And just when we thought that Bethany was going to start the process of recovery of what she's been through with Nathan and his evil gang, things are going to get worse for her before they get any better.

The Sun have paparazzi pictures today showing Mel dragging her to a railway track after attacking and kidnapping her. The pictures show deranged Mel, distraught at her friends and former abusers being caught, pulling Bethany by the hair out of her car.

She will drag Bethany to a railway sidings where Bethany will desperately try to escape. Mel then threatens Bethany with a tyre iron as Mel tries to force Bethany to drop the charges. But in true soap fashion, when Bethany does make a run for it, she ends up running towards an oncoming train with Mel in hot pursuit.

You can view the pictures here.

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Zagg said...

ENOUGH!They have beaten that proverbial dead horse right into the ground with this story.

boris the spider said...

Oh no! Really? Zagg is right, enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree that enough is enough!
To drag the storyline even ridiculously longer, the writers have resorted to recycling Rita being chased by Alan Bradley in Blackpool and Alan was killed by a train while in pursuit.
I guess Mel will be the one hit by the train?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Anonymous is probably right and Mel will be hit by the train. We know this story goes on until the autumn - which could mean October. This is just padding before the trial and more witness intimidation.

Anonymous said...

This screams more like "Oh yeah, we forgot about Mel" from the writers and is just a quick way to get rid of her.

I think it'd be more realistic if Bethany actually pushes her in front of the train, being so damaged from everything that she becomes a killer. Of course, Mel herself would probably be trying to kill her at that point so it's pretty moot regardless and would be self-defense.

maggie muggins said...

Unrealistic! Till now, we've seen Mel make sidelong glances at the horrors Bethany was put through, as if she wished she could help, but couldn't. Why would she try to punish her for grassing on the nasty grooming group? What was still in it for Mel?

Flo said...

Ugh. Let's beat this story to death why don't we? It's stuff like this that puts Corrie dangerously close to "jumping the shark". We are passed the public service storyline, this is just sensationalism for ratings sake.

Cobblestone said...

Well, I don't feel I need to watch this now. I feel I know exactly how it will pan out.

Anonymous said...

Flo, very well said! For the love of God wrap this bloody storyline up! I can't take much more of Bethany's crying.
No disrespect intended but I have never warmed up to Bethany when she re-appeared on the street! I just hope that Bethany gets some proper counselling to help her deal with all of the horrors she has been through. But considering her completely dysfunctional family I cannot see that happening.


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