Thursday, 13 July 2017

Corrie Episode Summary for July 12


Hello and welcome to my first Coronation St ‘happy hump day’ review’.

I am Ryan Oxley, a CORRIE fan for over 20 years, an aficionado of the cobbles, a raconteur of all things ‘Rovers Return’ (I’m also a community RADIO DJ & father of one). It gives me immense pleasure (imagine a ‘Phelan’ smirk) to be joining Glenda and the team on the Coronation Street Blog!

Every Thursday or Friday I will give you an unmitigated synopsis including subtle opinion, good humour, and my unique thoughts on all the goings on down Weatherfield way.

At the start of this episode then, we are introduced to Peter's dashing beard and Liz in glasses as she prepares to sign over her beloved pub over to beardy Barlow. No golden watch for Liz though, as she receives a Peruvian ‘God of luck doll’ (or is it a troll) from Sean. It worked, as the troll, I mean Doll, later resides on the medical centre desk for the busy barmaids’ new receptionist job. The 'micro-economics' of Coronation Street, strike again!

Speaking of Liz, her old forgotten pal Erica is perplexed (as we all are) at Kev’s guilt-ridden rejection of the sultry corner-shop stunner, and his sudden admittance of guilt to Anna (no, me neither). 

Over at Weatherfied CID, young ‘Special Tinker’ is also perplexed and starts an investigation into ‘Victim Support’ cases, as his suspicions of Sgt Clifton are evident, his heinous treatment of Bethany is surely at an end?

Also acting out her own investigating is my favourite, Mary Taylor, as in amongst tonight’s serious drama, we have the unmissable comedy of  Mr & Mrs Cole? I do hope so, LOVE our Mary. Anna & Kevin meanwhile, propose a clean slate, a fresh start altogether. Although this isn’t before Anna shows a rarely seen clarity & insightful part of her nature. I was surprised and bemused at her enlightened discovery of Erica’s betrayal, although Dev’s ‘exciting’ plans for a trip to Jodrell Bank, were surely the giveaway. I mean, hardly a backstreet ‘grease monkey’, is he? (the earlier Kev / Erica innuendo plagued discussion was hilariously well written).

Meanwhile, as Craig makes a concerned call on Bethany, she finally breaks down and tells him the truth. I think Craig (a fantastic future PC 'Weatherfield' in the making) has already sussed Sgt Clifton out, just what will he do with this new information?

Sgt Clifton may well be about to feel the wrath of Craig, but Erica… you are busted!!.

Once again Lucy Fallon purveys such powerful emotion and as an actress, conveys a maturity that is well beyond her young years. An astounding performance.

A happy ‘Hump Day’ Corrie from me. Same time next week?

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Louby said...

Great review! I loved the Anna confronting Erica scene , it was good to see Anna glammed up and bolshy.

popcorn said...

Agree with your comment about Bethany - Lucy Fallon is a magnificent young actress and deserves accolades for her performance as Bethany.

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