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Corrie weekly update - Gail Potter Tilsley Tilsley Platt Hillman McIntyre Rodwell Rodwell

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Weatherfield General must have done a roaring trade in the coffee shop from the residents of Coronation Street this week. Leanne was in there having a baby scan and finds out she’s having a boy. Although Steve’s secretly hoping for a son he tells Leanne and Nick he’s not bothered, he’s not part of their lives so they can take their baby boy and do one – or words to that effect.  Ken’s still in hospital too, recovering from his stroke and poor Anna’s had a skin graft operation on her legs. It’s all quite depressing, to be honest.

So to cheer ourselves up, let’s have a look at what else is going on in Corrie this week.
Maria returns from London to find Caz missing, blood running down her walls and the cops on her doorstep. Caz has set Maria up well and truly, and lurks in the shadows as Aidan hugs Maria by the streetlamps, which is always nice.  Maria’s past form of sending dodgy texts to Tyrone comes to light and things are not looking good for Maria. They look even worse when a blood-stained rug taken from her flat ends up in Tyrone’s wheelie bin. 

Ok, well, let’s see if we can cheer ourselves up with something else, then.
Dev spots £14k missing from the accounts at Victoria Court Fitness and finds out it’s gone into Sharif’s account. But if Sharif thinks that’s the only revelation that’ll come to light this week, he’s wrong. On Bonfire night as the explosions go off outside the Nazir household on Rana and Zeedan’s engagement night (the two dullest characters that Corrie’s ever had), there’s an unexploded bomb ready to go off inside the house too. Yasmeen overhears Sharif and Sonia canoodling and chatting about their furtive fling. Then she finds out that Alya knew about it all. In the middle of the engagement party, Yasmeen tells everyone about Sharif and his seven-year slapper, and throws both Sharif and Alya out.

But hang on a minute, surely there must be something we can cheer ourselves up with from this week’s Corrie?
Yup, finally! The Halloween party in the Rovers Return saw Liz, Michelle and Eva dress up as the witches of Eastwick, Mary was Mystic Meg and Kirk and Steve were done up as Uncle Fester from the Adams Family.

Elsewhere this week, Erica made the worst decision of her life (is she really that desperate?) and moved in with Dev, who she seems to mildly sort of like. And his kids, who she hates.
Alex finds Gemma sleeping rough in the kebab shop, well she can’t go back to the estate, not after she turned grass at the trial of Kylie’s killer.  In need of a bath and wash-up, Alex lets her use the bathroom at Roy’s flat and of course Roy and Cathy walk in just as Gemma steps out of the bath.

And Michael proposes to Gail, again, and suggests they renew their wedding vows. Oh heavens, no. We’re going to have to refer to her now as Gail Potter Tilsley Tilsley Platt Hillman McIntyre Rodwell Rodwell.  

And that’s just about that for this week.
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Glenda Young
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Anonymous said...

'Yasmeen tells everyone about Sharif and his seven-year slapper, and throws both Yasmeen and Alya out.' Surely you mean Sharif?

Tvor said...

She'll always be Gail Platt to me!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Loved the blog, great fun! Thank heavens for this site to entertain us when Corrie is going through such an odd phase. What is totally ridiculous that anyone would think it normal for a murderer to hide the evidence so badly. Naturally, after stabbing Caz, Maria would put the blood stained rug in a neighbour's bin and leave splattered blood on the walls. It's just awful and probably going on for a while.

Anonymous said...

Worst plot ever! So annoying. It loses more credibility with every scene. Also, I don't think Zeedan is dull. I love his character

Maricha said...

Up until a minute ago it hadn't occurred to me that Gail is a wife,a widow, and a divorcé. What a busy bee she's been.:-)

Cobblestone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maricha said...

Thank you for this summary Flaming Nora. The show is getting so relentlessly sad and dark these days.
You'd think the writers would keep Maria's profession in mind. Stylists are used to making all sorts of stains from the chemicals they use disappear or their salon would quickly look dreadfully ugly. The same products can remove organic stains like blood and by extension even DNA. Finding blood all over the place despite that ability, is yet another hole in this story. Not the least of which is that tiny Maria would have to dispose of the body. She has an upstairs flat, so where is it and how did she get it out of her home? Do the police think Pablo helped her, if so, wouldn't the fact that he's in London be an excellent alibi?So, who helped Maria?

Cobblestone said...

Any self-respecting Corrie villain should know the ginnel round the side of the Rovers is the proper place to lurk in the shadows. Caz - what an amateur, lurking in Sally's back-passage!

Anonymous said...

I love the blog page & the comments, always way more interesting than the actual episodes. Teehee.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Gail's list of surnames the Trumpton firemen came to mind - Potter Tilsley, Tilsley Platt, Hillman McIntyre and Rodwell

Louby said...

Rana and Zeedan dull?! Don't you remember the Mortons and the Malletts?!

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