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Sunday 13 November 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Nov. 7 - 10

Utter Nutjob award: Caz.

Who Greased the Grapevine award: How did the general public find out about Maria's arrest so quickly? Has it been on the front page of the Gazette? We are usually shown things like that. Inquiring minds want to know.

How Much is that Floozy in the Window award: (And a throwback award, as well) Rita recalls her husband Len went off with a floozy many years ago. I guess she's forgotten her husband Dennis also went off with a floozy rather more recently.

Reality check: Sally challenged Kevin that he is probably better off without Anna if he would have stayed with her out of duty or pity. It gave him something to think about. He is sticking by Anna and made her realize she needs him.

Throwback, Mark II: Sally talking about Kevin's affair with Molly and how humiliated it made her feel.

Apples and Oranges: Rob and Tracy started off on a contentious note that turned into quite a good pairing. Two peas in a pod. Luke and Tracy are already contentious. They are not two peas in a pod. Even as a purely physical fling, it wouldn't work but I'm afraid that's where they're going with it.

Cougar award: Tracy's at it again.

Lines of the week:
Tyrone "It would be much easier if we was women, eh? Eat loads of ice cream, watch a sad film and have a good cry"
Eileen "I like a bit of Boney M in the morning!" (*snort* how do they get away with this!!)
Maria to Michelle "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt ya" Jenny "Is that what you said to Caz? " (Ouch. I guess Jenny's forgotten how everyone was nasty to her for no reason)
Kirk "Has something happened?" Maria "it's just me, I'm going mad" Beth "Oh no! Not again!"
Eileen "D'you know how hard it is to find a man with a drill?"
Gail "Now I know what the invisible woman felt like" Eva "Is it not the invisible man?" Gail "I doubt that very much"
David to the police "Maria Connor, a murderer? There's a dog over at Number 1 that's more capable"
Michael "I don't play for money anymore" (anymore? You kept that quiet)
Michael "Nobody likes a sore loser, Pat" Phelan "That's true, trouble is, I haven't had as much practice as you" (But he did beat you at poker quite soundly)

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Anonymous said...

another dodgy —Ährase: Michael to Freddy ' It's amazing the things you can't do when your wrist is broken' LOL

PoidaPete said...

Well deserved/overdue Slap Award: Yasmeen when she slaps Sonia, she had it coming for 7 years from her 'best friend.'

Maricha said...

Thanks Tvor:-)
David shouldn't joke like that, the police on Corrie are so dense these days, I wouldn't put it past them to go harass poor Eccles.

Cobblestone said...

It struck me that Rita was misremembering. Len was carrying on with a floozy but never went off with her. He was killed in a car crash on his way to visit her.

Tvor said...

Cobblestone, or maybe she mixed the two of them, Len and Dennis, together and came up with one story! She didn't even know about Len's floozy until after he died. I don't suppose it matters. She still knows what it feels like to have a cheating husband or two.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Rita ever loved Dennis in the way she loved Len, so that Len's betrayal will have affected her more deeply.

coconno196 said...

Anonymous 0615: yes, I spotted that, and the look exchanged between Michelle and Eva (I think, it was 2 women anyway) convinced me it was an intentional double entendre, like Eileen's Boney M remark!


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